Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Judi's Quilt~Sail Away!

Weeks ago my friend Judi contacted me about helping her make a quilt for her daughter's baby. Judi had never quilted but she so wanted to make a quilt for this new grandbaby and had very definite ideas about what she wanted! I was a bit hesitant to jump in but I wanted to help her, so....Her daughter loves sailing and Judi wanted to pick a pattern that would have a sailing feeling. The fabrics she chose are so cute.

I love the little bear print with the nautical theme. The hardest part was using the Minkee fabric. It's so soft and perfect for baby, but as every quilter knows, it's a nightmare to sew! Judi and her DIL had it in their heads that they wanted to use it in the quilt, so I went along with it. I had never sewed on it before!
I really admire them and they did such a good job on it for beginning quilters!

Right in the middle of all of this, dear Judi had to have some surgery too. She still hung in there and we got it done. Her DIL knew someone who helped them long arm it and I put the binding on it for them.
I felt like a proud mama when it was all done! Congrats Judi and well done! I hope you'll be wanting to join me are a quilter!!!

I posted this picture before on my blog, but I just think this should be included with this blog so everyone can see Judi with her quilt. 


Susan said...

Wow, Linda. Both of you girls did a great job! Woo hoo. That is one adorable quilt! Lucky baby! Susan

troi50 said...

Beautiful pictures. Judi couldn't stop talking about how you made that quilt possible when we saw her at the hospital. She was so happy!