Saturday, June 10, 2017

World Doll Day

Who knew that today was World Doll Day? I have never heard of it but my friend in Vermont, sent me the link this week. World Doll Day is fun to explore and learn more about it.

Some of my larger dolls decided to have a little tea party this morning to celebrate the day! Don't they look fine, all dressed up?

Prim and proper little ladies!

This is my latest doll. My next project is to make her a proper dress. I am currently working on some 4th of July sewing projects for an exchange. When those are finished, I hope to create some doll clothes.

A few treats waiting on the little cupboard in the background.

A few weeks ago, one of my Tasha Tudor friend, Julia, sent me this darling china tea set for my dolls. It's so pretty and just the right size.

This is Mildred Seeley pictured on the front of one of her many books. She passed away in 2001. She was quite the doll collector, doll maker and author. She started World Doll Day in 1986. She was very kind to just encourage doll people to give dolls children or other adults. She was very sharing with it all and it was fun to read about her and World Doll Day.

Ebay and Etsy offer many of her lovely doll plates for sale. You will also find some of her many books on both sites if you are interested in them. I have a few on my wish list! Enjoy!


mamasmercantile said...

I have never herd of World doll day either, so it was a joy to visit and see such beauty.

Szara Sowa said...

For two years I am propagating the celebration of the World Doll Day in Poland. This year I encouraged friends of the collector of dolls concerning him.
Your dolls look beautifully, nice photograph of celebrating with the tea. Have a nice week.

Kim said...

World Doll Day?? A wonderful opportunity for all the dollies of the world to celebrate. =) Your dolls look beautiful sitting all together in their beautiful outfits.