Monday, June 19, 2017

Delectable Mountain Cloth

When I was in Vermont last month, my Tasha Tudor friends wanted to take me to a very specials fabric store. I have been hearing about this shoppe...The Delectable Mountain since my first trip back in 2007. Oh, it is an amazing fabric store, unlike anything I have ever seen! I spent quite some time there and could have stayed even longer! It was like walking into a pretty and filled with so many delightful fabrics.

This is how they displayed their buttons. So much to look at!

 A shot at the magic of it all.

This is the owner and her helper. The owner was such a kick and very helpful. The shop has a great appeal for doll makers. Beautiful silks and taffetas.

Don't you just love all the hats? Wonderful.

A lot of the fabric is on rolled bolts.

I was drawn to the flat folds as it was easier to mix and match the fabrics.

This is my little stash from Vermont. I wish you could really see how beautiful these fabrics are. I am hoping to make some doll clothes.

The fabrics were pretty expensive, but so worth every penny.

Future doll clothes...I am hoping! 


Kim said...

Oh, what a glorious shop. I can imagine spending many hours filled with delight looking at all those pretties. Love how the buttons are displayed in those pretty glass containers. I am thinking a lot of cash would be emptied from my purse if I was there. =)

mamasmercantile said...

I would have so oved to have gone shopping along with you. A delightful shop, a real feast for the eyes.

Susan said...

Oh Linda, you are so lucky you like to sew! You will have lots of fun making doll clothes from your Vermont stash. So happy you were able to go to Vermont again! You were fairly close by to where I live, in Massachusetts! Susan