Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tea Time Tuesday #161

It's Rose Festival time in Portland, Oregon! It's a time when everything is about roses and the roses are in full bloom now too. The Grand Floral Parade is this coming Saturday. Unfortunately, the weather man isn't promising a very good day for the parade, but we can hope.

For Tea Time Thursday, I HAD to use some of my favorite tea time things...of course...with roses.

This beautiful teacup is just so beautiful, I never get tired of just staring at it. Pink roses are my favorite.

This sweet tea cup is stamped Bavaria.

And of course, this happens to be special tea pot roses, what else?

I had to try a new tea that Jim got for me. I love the little fabric bags that allow the tea to brew so nicely for a bagged tea.

It's called Sweet Love and is quite a delightful spicy and flavorful  blend.

Jimmy brought this sweet beaded piece home last weekend. I asked to keep it as it had roses on it. Yes, he agreed and I just love it.

This was a recent gift from my friend Linnie on my recent trip to Vermont. It's made from a sterling silver knife handle. It has a pin on the back and can be worn with silk or fresh flowers. Isn't it just pretty?

Jimmy and I have been sorting out tubs of stuff in one of our storage units. We need to get out of it by the end of summer and we are making great progress. This is something I found today. It's a great video About Portland...the Rose City. We are going to watch it this evening.

My car is in the shop until Friday, so Angie is going to bring Otto over to our house in the morning. We will have a day at Grandma Linda's and Papa's house. 


Kaisievic said...

Oh such beautiful tea cups - just gorgeous!

Stephanie said...

Such a sweet post with so many beautiful thing, my friend :)

Wishing you a joyous day! Love and hugs to you!

Szara Sowa said...

I wish yoy beautiful weather for roses parade. ♥