Friday, June 2, 2017

Robert Frost

I purchased this book at an estate sale last weekend. After my trip to Vermont recently, I wanted to read some of Robert Frost's poems. I spent some of the early morning reading through some poems and I so enjoyed it. I haven't taken the time to read poetry for quite some time.

My friend Melinda took Diane and I to the First Congregational Church. Robert Frost is buried in the cemetery there. The church was not open, but I was able to go inside on my last visit two years ago. It's a lovely church and so beautiful. I hope Diane will get to see it on her next visit.

The graveyard is so fantastic. It was such a pretty day, and it was just enchanting to walk through the grounds and read the headstones. We wouldn't find anything like this in our Pacific North West.

Enjoy the photos. I will go back on my next visit to spend some more time just enjoyed this beautiful place.

Take a bit of time and read some of Robert Frost's works. 

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mamasmercantile said...

I am a fan poetry but have never come across Robert Frost before, I will look some up next time I go to the library.