Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Welcome February

 Welcome February. The second month of the New Year is upon us already. Winter seems to be hanging on here in Oregon. We are expecting one more round of snow and ice starting tomorrow evening. This most likely may be our last fling with winter weather. The wind is blowing so hard again.

We have almost returned to good health. The cough lingers a bit, but we are feeling pretty good.
It was our day with Otto. I usually go over to his house and take the morning shift. He loves to play with Grandma Linda and I do mean PLAY!!!! We always start in his room in the morning before his daddy leaves for work. It's always cars or Monster Trucks and he has quite the imagination, which makes me happy. The pictures are a bit dark and a little blurry today. It's hard to catch him standing still sometimes.

Grandma with me! That's his favorite saying. How can you refuse that expression?

He loves to line up his cars so the Monster Trucks can do their famous JUMP.

We had to load up the truck with A LOT of Hot Wheels. That took time to get the right ones on the right levels.

This is his Magic Track. The track snaps together and the car lights up as it goes around the track. He has to have the room dark with the lights off.

We did some art work, went on a monster hunt and then he packed up his little backpack and we went on an adventure, as he told me.  We did spend a little time on the computer paying Monster Truck games.

Papa Jimmy comes over around noon and we take him to McDonald's. There's a play structure inside and he can climb and jump and burn off some of that energy, especially when the weather is too cold to play outside. He sure is getting big, but he still likes to snuggle with Grandma and sit on my lap. He is a cutie pie.  Papa Jimmy gets him down for a nap, and stays with him until mommy comes home around 4 PM. Wednesdays are fun, but busy!

Just a happy note, my kidney doctor called me yesterday and my kidney levels have returned to normal. I was allergic to one of the meds and once they took me off of that, my kidneys started working again. I am so thankful.

Happy February! I am looking forward to a month of lots of fun. We have 3 birthdays and Valentine's Day. 


mamasmercantile said...

The joy of Grandchildren, Otto is a delight. I am thrilled to hear your health is returning, long may that last.

Sylvia said...

Brought back memories when my grandson's was little, they loved to play with their cars and trucks all the time. Now they like the real ones!
Have a happy February!

Debbie Harris said...

Your little Ottoman is growing up! Oh he's darling!!
"Play grandma play" sweet words to our ears and hearts for sure.
Good news on your kidneys, praise the Lord!

Have a beautiful day~~

Debby Ray said...

Oh yes...those monster trucks have been around a long time! They were a favorite of my oldest who is now 37! He has even kept his in a case. I remember he did the same thing...line all of the cars up and then "crush" them all with his monster trucks! And of course we had to go the see the real thing every time they came to town! Your little Otto is adorable and you are a good Grandma Linda! Happy February!

Szara Sowa said...

It's nice to know You returned to good health. Happy February!

Jane said...

My grandsons have Neotracks which seem to be similar. They love to play with them. I bought new cars for Christmas, as they had pretty much worn out the original ones.