Thursday, February 2, 2017

February 2nd and Dolly Thursday

February 2nd! I am trying to post a Valentine picture from around my home everyday, or at least until Valentine's Day on the 14th.   This is a sweet little miss given to me by LaVonne last year. I love these little figurines.

This is the doll I featured on my Tasha Tudor group today for Dolly Thursday. It is a half doll on a little covered box. LaVonne made one at a workshop last fall at our doll conference. I didn't take the class, so she was super sneaky and bought a kit when I wasn't with her. She made this sweet miss for me and gave it to me in my Christmas box! It is delightful. The class was given by a very sweet lady from Louisiana who runs a bed and breakfast. LaVonne and I would love to visit...maybe someday.

Last Saturday, I went to the doll show in Portland. I wasn't feeling too chipper, but wanted to go as I was in the hospital at the last show. I was a bit disappointed as there seemed to be too many Barbies and not enough older dolls. But, it was still fun and I was glad that I could attend.

This dress was made by the sweetest lady. It was made for a 20 inch doll from a vintage apron. How I wish it would have fit one of my china heads. It was quite fun to talk to her.

My eye always seems to pick out the Little Miss Revlon...probably because I love mine from my childhood.

A few china heads looking for a home!

This little miss seemed to be a bit crabby, but I liked all the goodies around her on the selling table.

 Sweet little ladies, including a Kewpie. This was a very nice booth.

I loved the little mirror and screen at this booth, plus the lovely dress!

This booth was always busy so I had a hard time getting up close to see the goods! Her dolls are really beautiful.

Doll furniture and dolly accessories are always displayed to tempt the shoppers!

 A few more goodies.

I had to take this photo for LaVonne as she has a fondness for Native American dolls. One of these days, I hope she is here to go to the doll show with me. It is very fun to have a doll in crime! 


Sandra said...

So very happy for you Linda to be able to attend the doll show this year. I am glad you felt up to going. Looks like a lot of dolls and so many special things to look at. Such a fun day. Thanks for sharing bits with us.

mamasmercantile said...

I am thrilled to hear you were able to attend the show. You took us on a wonderful tour, it was joy to be shown around and share in the wonderful delights.

Szara Sowa said...

What beautiful photographs from the exhibition you showed us. I love old dolls, especially the ones of times of my childhood. It is a pity that at us he doesn't have such a fair. Willingly I would buy one of the ones china dolls. Wormly greetings..

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Oh so dreamy Linda, I just adore dolls and do have a few of my own that I plan on posting soon. Thanks for taking us along to the show.
Happy February!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...


Cranberry Morning said...

Oh so many dolls and accessories! It looks like fun, Linda. My daughter has a whole trunk full of beautiful dolls given to her over the years. I love that two piece dress made from vintage fabric. Isn't it pretty!