Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday Treasures....Meet Miss Aurora May

My Thursday Treasure is actually a beautiful 14" Milliner doll that my Jimmy bought for me a few months ago from an antique dealer who has become our friend. Marci is a doll person and is trying to get me to join her UFDC group. We will see..... I had to wait for this beauty until Mother's Day.

Most of these dolls were made in the Thuringian Forest of Germany in the mid 19th century. The enjoyed a popularity in Europe and in America.
They remained popular until the china head dolls moved them out.

Their heads are made of papier mache. Sometimes they are called varnished heads. Her body is leather.

Her dainty hands are made of wood.

Her little feet are made of wood too.

The type of curls they have reflect the changing styles of the times. Mine has short little curls. Some have long ringlets and some have that funny little knot on the top of their heads. There is not much left of her hat, but I think I will leave it for now.

Although they are called milliner dolls, they were actually dolls meant to be played with and not displayed in milliner's shoppes.

I love her. I named her Aurora May as we love Aurora Colony and it was a German colony in Oregon. May seemed like a very nice middle name for her as she was given to me by my  Jimmy in May.


mamasmercantile said...

Linda she is wonderful, a treasure indeed. Take care.

Sylvia said...

Lovely doll and great gift for Mother's Day.

Bernideen said...

She is darling Linda!

Szara Sowa said...

She is realy lovely.

Kim said...

Your Miss Aurora May is a beauty, isn't she. What a treasure she is.

Sandra said...

Such a thoughtful gift. She is a wonderful doll.