Monday, May 16, 2016

Sew N Go Quilting Retreat

This Charm Pack of fabrics sums it all up....HAPPY! I was asked last fall to attend a quilt retreat this weekend with some old quilter friends. Most of them used to attend my quilt retreats and I also was able to go to other retreats with them. I wasn't able to join them for anything for a few years. They were so kind to keep trying and inviting and finally, it all worked out. I drove over to Vancouver WA on Friday morning to Sew N Go for the retreat. It's located in a lovely rural setting and the sewing room is in a charming little room.

Oh yes, signs of quilters working...a leaving for shopping or a nap or a meal or just doing nothing! After all, this is a retreat and a break from the hectic lives we all live.

Lisa worked on this beauty the first few days and was able to finish it. It will be a gift for her oldest son.

Lisa was reading a quilt book with Dana's beautiful work behind her.

The quilting room is just filled with little items tucked here and there. Isn't this a sweet little idea for Christmas?

This is Nancy's granddaughter's quilt that someone made for very sweet!

And here we have yet another wonderful quilt by Dana. It was just stunning and actually was a boo boo.

More work in progress.....

I'm not sure what Kathy and Tierney were so serious about here!

My roomie Barb at work with Donna cutting out her quilt at the cutting table.



I LOVE the Farm Girl's Vintage style. Last summer my Tasha friend Nancy Crockett introduced me to this. Our quilting retreat host Nancy runs a block of the month group of 8 ladies who are working on this. My daughter Gina gave me the book for my birthday. I am thinking about joining-maybe. I'm behind, so I would have to catch up.

I spent most of my time continuing my work on Melinda's A is for Annabelle quilt. This is Nancy's picture. I got most of it done and hope to finish it up at my quilting group tomorrow. My friend and long armer, another Nancy, will probably do the quilting on it for me. Yeah!!!

Both of these are Barb's quilts. The black and grey quilt just wowed everyone!

We sure don't work every minute at the retreats. Lisa and Tierney put on a little skit for us. They used their new LED lamps as microphones and had us all in stitches...ha ha ha.

Tierney was so good about getting her daily walks in! The last two pix were also taken my Nancy. There I am in the background.

Dana is the maker of this darling purse. Lucky Tierney received this as a gift. She also had hand spun yarn inside.

Quilter's have to eat! Nancy is a wonderful cook as well as a wonderful quilter!!!!

We played a few games after dinner on Saturday night. We really had a lot of fun.

Yes, the host is has quite a job description! She always had a great attitude...what a good sport.

The gals had Secret Sisters and would leave little presents at their partner's sewing machines. It was so fun to see what they came up with for their "sisters". My friend Lisa, was so sweet to include me. She was the sneaky person who left me treats...lots of treats!  She made the shopping tote bag from a piece of the fun toweling that is available now for crafting as well as kitchen towels. Thank you so much Lisa.

Such fun gifts for the quilter. My most favorite gift is this blue packet of blue fat quarters. I just adore the prints. Lisa said it was a MUST to show her what ever I decide to make out of the group. Hum....need to come up with something cute to showcase the fabrics.

I hope you enjoyed a look at my fun weekend! 


Kim said...

I have had the best fun being an onlooker to your fun weekend. So, so many gorgeous quilts being created there. Your A for Annabelle quilt is lovely. Melinda is going to love this. What a wonderful retreat you all had, sewing, chatting, eating, relaxing and just enjoying each others' company. I adore that pretty blue and white fabric with the little girls you were gifted, it is very sweet.

Suzanne said...

Looks like you had so much fun! I used to go on scrapbooking retreats. Now that everyone is older it is easier to get away:-) I would love to go on one of Jennie Doan's retreats from Missouri Star Quilts -or get to Quilt Market. Road trip, Linda? xo

Bernideen said...

What a wonderful group of ladies having such fun and getting the job done! Loved seeing these pictures.

mamasmercantile said...

How wonderful to be able to get away with like minded people and have so much fun. It looks like an amazing weekend.

Tierney Hogan said...

Thanks Linda for all the great photos, that was so fun! I did not even realize you were taking photos! :-)

Judy Denny said...

Linda... We are very happy to have you "retreating" with us again... It was a great...can't wait for next time