Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tea Time Tuesday #112

Last Saturday, Jim took me out to Aurora for a great event! My favorite author, Jane Kirkpatrick was going to speak and act in a little four part play the colony was presenting. It was to remember Emma Wagner Giesy's passing 100 years ago. Jane has written 3 books about Emma and the Aurora society.

I have been a faithful follower of Jane's work for years, long before she wrote the books on Emma.
She is such a great writer and a wonderful person. She always has time for her readers.

After she wrote the historical fiction books on the colony, she got interested in quilts so she wrote a non fiction book called Aurora and everyday life in the society.

This is the current quilt that is being hand quilted by volunteers. I think this one is going to be so beautiful. These blocks are the winners from last October and they will be worked into the quilt that will be raffled off. I'm going to be buying tickets for this one at the quilt show in October!

This is the curator....Patrick. He is a riot and knows just about everything about the history of the colony. He was delighted to have 100 people sign up for this event.

It was a very warm day but we all stayed cool and the colony had lots of cold water bottles.

One of the plays was in the church. The local actors did a great job and it was very entertaining.

These two ladies were full of gossip for their performance...funny.

Then we were back at the museum for another play with Jane and Patrick.

After the plays, we were escorted to another church for a tea and a lovely talk by Jane.

They really did a great job taking care of 100 people for tea!

The food was delicious! They even had a gluten free table!

Jane made her way around the tables chatting with everyone.

We enjoyed this lady who was sitting at our table. She was just a sweetheart.

We each got these party favors. So fun and a great reminder of a lovely day in Aurora.

My daughter gave me these lovely teas as part of my Mother's Day's so fun to get a new tea to savor. Happy Tea Time Tuesday.

Jane's 3 books on Emma have now been put into one larger book now....EMMA OF AURORA.

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mamasmercantile said...

Sounds amazing, such a great event. They certainly did very well to organize afternoon tea for so many people. Take care.