Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Thoughts

  This verse is from Isaiah 43:4 and what a precious reminder for the Valentine week ahead. We studied this the other day at bible study. It is so touching to me and encourages me to be feel good about who I am, to be humble, to be thankful and to extend love to those around me. Isn't it encouraging to be a PRECIOUS, HIGHLY VALUED and BELOVED child of God?  Enjoy your Sunday.


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Thank you for sharing. :) I needed the reminder today.

Laura Lane said...

You are so right Lady Linda.
God's love is so so sweet.
It's what we need most of all.
Though the love of a good husband
and a good family are right behind!

Be blessed!

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...doing what I can with what I've got where I am
on a short shoestring budget!

Sylvia said...

How wonderful is God's love for us. Love this verse.