Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Jimmy

Today is my Jimmy's birthday! He is off enjoying the Sportsman's Show for the day which is his annual treat on his birthday. He is a very giving man who is always doing for others, he puts himself last. This is one of the few things he does for himself. We celebrated last Sunday as I was with Otto today and we knew Jimmy would be coming home too late for dinner.

We were out doing some shopping for his upcoming shows and HAD to stop at our favorite pub....the Highland Stillhouse in Oregon City. They are famous for their wonderful fish and chips. It's a good thing it's not in our neighborhood~dangerous!

Yes, Jimmy loves fish and chips! Actually, Jimmy loves and enjoys good food.

The cute (and a bit dark) cozy pub has a Scottish decor and a menu to match. YUMMY mushy peas.

Just so inviting....

This is above our favorite table. I guess it is our spot.

Our trunk was filled with our treasures and finds for the show.

It was a beautiful day outside. I snapped this picture of Old Dad Hood (Mt Hood) through my car window on the way home. It was a very fun day.

So Happy Birthday my love. Thanks for all you do for me and our family. You are a good friend to many. Here's to a great year ahead. 


Kelly-Anne said...

Oh, the happiest of birthdays to your husband, dear Lady Linda! I am so pleased you were able to celebrate in such a special, memorable way! This pub looks so quaint and cosy and my! The fish n' chips looks gourmet too!
With much love to you...have a blessed week further!

Lady Jane said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!!! What a cozy pub to go to and I love fish n' chips also, they looked sooooooo good!!! I would skip the peas, lol... Hugs, LJ

Bernideen Canfield said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Happy Birthday Jimmy!