Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tea Time Thursday #83~A Look Back at the July Doll Fair in Vermont

Today I am remembering the Tasha Tudor doll fair we had in Vermont in July. You might be wondering what that has to do with Tea Time Thursday? You might also be wondering what a doll fair actually is? So, let me step back and explain a few things for those who may not be familiar with Tasha Tudor. Most of you know I am a great fan of Tasha Tudor's. She would have a doll's fair in September for her children, their dolls and teddy bears and their friends. It was great fun. They would build little booths and have miniature and child sized items at the fair. This is an illustration from one of her books~ALL FOR LOVE. In the book, she explains the fair and has these directions for making a booth from a cardboard box.

This is the book which has the directions and information.

Last spring when our group decided we would be having another Gathering to celebrate Tasha's 100th birthday, we decided to have a doll fair. We got to pick a theme for our both and I chose to do a TEA SHOPPE!

You can also find some delightful illustrations in one of my favorite Tasha Tudor books....A TIME TO KEEP.

Our member Julia Marsh was the person in charge of the doll fair. She did a great deal of work and planning and did a great job. Thanks Julia for all the work.

This is my booth at the Gathering...all set up and ready to go! I had so much fun finding items to offer in my booth. Oh yes,  the currency used at doll fairs is BUTTONS, so everything was purchased with buttons.

I tried to think what a real tea shoppe would have for sale and then went looking for miniature items. I found things at estate sales, Ebay and Etsy. I did make a few items too.  Most of these goodies are 1:12 scales as that works well for Hitty dolls and our smaller Annabelle dolls.

I found mini linens, tea sets, tidbit trays, candles, boxes of tea, jars of tea, candy boxes, candles, flowers, trays, toast racks, serving pieces, tea time napkins with napkin rings, tea cups and even made little tea cards and envelopes. I had so much fun!!!

I did have this annex for some larger pieces for larger dolls. The larger dolls were happy with the offerings.

Here I am putting the finishing touches on the booth.

Of course a doll fair has to have other offerings! This is the bakery run by Suzanne's sweet daughter Lydia. She did a great job.

Linnie added some whimsy to the fair with the bogarts selling ice! The bogarts are funny little characters in Tasha's work that love to cause mischief.

This is Julia's booth...The Potting Shed that was filled with all kinds of wonderful things for the garden. She did a great job decorating and providing lovely items for the dolls.

Everyone loved the little hoses. Lots of fun flowers too....LOTS!

Meadow was the sweetest little daughter of our member Betsy. She was 5 years old and adorable. Her booth was a variety store filled with all kinds of goodies and treasures.

Most of the members in our group have Hitty dolls. If your haven't read the book HITTY, it's a must for you! I just love that book. Hitty's Hatties was just awesome. Martha is a big Hilly fan!

Wilhelmina made lovely flower wreaths for your dolly's hair for many different sized dolls....just darling with lots of colors to choose from.

Belinda brought fun items for all the dolls. She traveled from Florida, and still brought goodies for all!

Kristen had wonderful comb and brush sets for large and small dolls. I didn't get a good picture but they were packaged so sweetly.

Melinda is quite the miniaturist. I loved her 4th of July booth...bright and cheerful and full of treasures.

Julia made all these amazing nibbles for the dolls at the cafe. I couldn't believe it...

Some of the dolls at the cafe...

Miss Annabelle of Oregon had a new bonnet for her trip. She was quite proud of it.

Julia had beetle races for the children too. Tasha had them at her doll fair. This is Alicia and sweet little Meadow checking it out.

Of course, Jimmy had to join in the fun. You can always find him where the kids are enjoying some fun.

I won the blue ribbon and the Golden Key for the best booth! What fun, heh? This is Julia with me.

My BEST IN SHOW RIBBON that I will always cherish. It was a very fun and magical event that I will always remember. I hope you enjoyed my post.


mamasmercantile said...

Congratulations your booth was amazing and a much deserved winner. What a wonderful event, inspirational.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh what fun to see all the booths, Linda!! They're all so wonderful and filled with such creativity. Congratulations on your award!! You certainly deserve it.

Susan said...

Best in Show! WOW Linda. That was wonderful. Your booth was truly adorable. Soooo happy you got to go and have sooooo much fun. Susan