Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Our Anniversary

August 4th...our 42nd wedding anniversary! The day started off cool and cloudy, very much like our wedding day. In some ways, it seems like only yesterday that we said I do at St Rose where I was a primary school teacher. In other ways, it seems like soooo long ago! When I look at our wedding photos I see two young kids! Jimmy and I were talking about our 50th anniversary coming in just 8 years. Both of my grandparents were blessed to celebrate 50 years of marriage and I sure hope that God blesses Jimmy and me with that same gift.

My sweet husband has brought me roses every anniversary! He hasn't missed a one. I think he loves roses as much as I do. This bouquet was such a beautiful orange pretty.

With all our home remodeling and the extra work that we have had to do, we decided to save all our packages from our trip back east for our anniversary. It was so fun to open our souvenirs and remember our trip.  I will be sharing stories and items this month, so this is just a little peek into the boxes!

Our gifts from the Cellar Door book shop are always wrapped in this lovely tissue paper. It was such a treat to meet John and Jill Hare. They welcomed us into their beautiful home and we enjoyed our day with them. More to come on that later.

We found these pieces of children's sized pink luster little dishes in an antique shop. Bits and pieces in a lot that had to come home with me!

More treasures...some to share with friends.

We spent two days at Deerfiled in MA and I brought home several books to read up on the village on those long winter nights ahead.

Of course, I had to bring back some tea for tea time.

Just a little look here at some of the fabric and patterns I found in New England. I was also able to buy some of the Tasha Tudor fabric at the family gift shop and some more from the Cellar Door. I also offered to make my friend Melinda's A is for Annabelle quilt. She bought a kit when it first came out and she has been so gracious to me the past two years, I wanted to make it for her. Won't that be a s fun project for winter?

This is a little doll house with a great story to share! Another blog post ahead.

We did have a disappointment to day. Jim had purchased a beautiful Pink Luster tea set for me as an anniversary gift. It arrived smashed and bashed! I was so sad but as one of my friends said to me, the gift today is 42 years of marriage! How true.

We decided to go to Edgefield for an early anniversary dinner. It is just about 5 minutes from home.
When we arrived, we found that they were having a concert! Dinner plans went out the window. We just had to laugh! We decided to go to Troutini in our little Troutdale. They have wonderful food.
Here we are in front of the big fish in our little town park.

My Jimmy....great picture of my happy guy.

Happy Anniversary To you ya lots.

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Bernideen said...

What a lovely trip you had and making the best of things inspite of some disappointment. It seems like a picture of life really. Happy Anniversary.