Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bethany Tudor's Band Box

As we approach Tasha Tudor's 100th Birthday celebration on August 28th, I want to continue to share some stories and items from our summer trip to New England. I may have explained how I got interested in Tasha Tudor, but I like to tell my story! Jim, Angie, Gina and I were on a little summer weekend trip to Newport Or when the girls were very young. We would always take them to Canyon Book Store and they would get to choose a book. I was wondering around, just waiting for them to pick a new favorite when I stumbled upon this book...DRAWN FROM NEW ENGLAND. It was written by Tasha Tudor's oldest daughter, Bethany, in 1979. I fell in love with the life story of the Tudor family and the art and illustrations of Tasha Tudor. I went on the hunt when I returned home. There was a charming little book store in downtown Portland called Skidmore Books which featured mostly children's books. The owner and I became good friends and she would call me when she got a new order in. This was in the early 1980's  and I really loved the work that Tasha was doing then.
I was hooked and look where that little book has taken me! WOW!

This is a picture of Bethany holding her book. Notice the doll on Bethany's lap in the photo below. I love the smile on her face.

Here we have our a group photo of those who attended the Gathering. Bethany is sitting by Suzanne in the photo below. Bethany and Suzanne have become good friends. It was fun to get to meet Bethany and chat with her a bit. Her voice has a lot of Tasha's sounds and it just makes you stop a bit when she talks. She is quiet and a bit shy.

 I think she enjoyed the evening with all of us. She had a little table with some items for sale.

Here she is talking with Christine Crocker, another member from Oregon and a wonderful doll maker.

Bethany also has some children's's a few of them.

When we went to visit John and Jill Hare at the Cellar Door Books, we purchased this little pink band box made by Bethany Tudor. It is just charming.

I just love band boxes! I saw a lot of antique boxes on our trip, however, they are out of my price range. I have a few small ones that I enjoy.

The green one was made by my doll friend Christine LeFever and actually goes with a doll that she made. The sweet little round one is from the Doll Fair. I'm not sure, but I think maybe Suzanne made it. The heart shaped box is made by an Oregon artist. I love the label in the top.

This is another book that I really LOVE! Tahsa Tudor's Old-Fashioned Gifts. I have been wanting to make these little ones.

I think I'm going to collect some vintage wallpaper and buy some little cardboard boxes and have a craft day when LaVonne comes to visit in October. I think that would be really fun to make them together. 


mamasmercantile said...

That was such a great idea, I am now on the hunt for some vintage wallpaper or I may photocopy some pages from books that I like and use the photocopy to cover a box. Thank you for sharing.

Sandra@Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Love, love, love Band Boxes. I have quite a collection...all different sizes and colors. You have quite the collection too. I hope you get your craft day and that you will share with us what you made.

All4 Barbie said...

Hello from Spain: I really like band boxes. Fabulous vintage wallpaper Very fun.Nice pics. Keep in touch.