Saturday, August 8, 2015

Saturday Fun!

We got our little grandson Otto for an overnight stay last night. He wasn't too sure about our changes with the remodeling of the house! He doesn't forget a thing and was even looking for my lip gloss in the bathroom. Guess I better get another one! He is my little sweetie.

Papa, as he has named Jimmy, aways finds some new toy for the little guy. They two of them were having fun making music and singing some tunes.

Otto was really getting into it after a bit of practice. It was nice outside and we enjoyed watching him play and run around the backyard.

He woke up shortly after we all went to bed and was scared. I'm not sure if he had a nightmare or what, but he wanted "gamma" and we finally took him into our bed. He settled down and fell asleep with his kitty and his softie (his blanket). He was up at 6:30 ready to start a new day. He had a good breakfast and had a nice bath.

We dropped Otto back at his home around 10:00 am and headed for the Aurora Antique Street Fair.
It's always a fun event and we haven't been able to attend for a couple years.

I think Jimmy was trying out for the Bullwinkle the Moose part!

I always find doll houses at these shows and unfortunately, I don't have room for another dollhouse...sigh.

It was a fun day with lots to look at and a few goodies came home with us...mostly things for Jimmy to sell in October. When you have to clean out things in your home, you really think about what you are buying!

We were pretty tired when we got home and enjoyed a little nap. Being a papa and a gamma is hard work, but we LOVE it. 


Kelly-Anne said...

Oh how precious, dear Lady Linda! Being a ''Gamma'' must be so special, especially when you and your sweet grandson are close...a lovely and richly rewarding relationship! Otto is absolutely too cute, and looks like he had a lot of fun with his ''Papa''!
Oh my...the fair must have been delightful and how stunning is that doll house! So glad you had a lovely Saturday...mine was taken up with a market where I sell my handmade items and then babysitting my dear little sisters so our Momma and Daddy could go on a date!
Blessings and hugs to you!

Debbie Harris said...

Oh Linda... I so enjoyed seeing the photo of both you and your dear Otto. He is real cuttie!

Much love ~ Debbie

mamasmercantile said...

Special times indeed, spending time with your beautiful Otto lots of wonderful memories in the making for all of you.

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hello Linda, So glad you visited my blog because it led me to your wonderful blog! Love your header, I like miniatures and dollhouses also. Your grandson is adorable and it looks like you all had a good time together.
The antique street fair looks like something I would have enjoyed, what fun!
Happy Monday!