Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tea Time Thursday #82 ~ Happy Anniversary

Earlier this summer, I found this charming little cup and saucer and just had to save it for an anniversary Tea Time Thursday posting.  What a darling old timey couple. They look like they are in love, for sure.

The saucer is even shaped like a heart and is edged with cut out hearts.

Both the cup and the saucer say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY in gold script.

The teacup and saucer are marked Kelvin Fine China. From the little I could find about the company, the china seems to be made in Japan in the 1950's. I just think it's corny cute!

When Jimmy and I were married, we went to Victoria British Columbia in Canada on our honeymoon. I fell in love with the city and with Queen Victoria. I have been collecting books, china, silver and ephemera for these past 42 years.  I recently found this wonderful advertising card. It is featuring the Leading Women of the World-at Home. I love it. It's in good condition and it was only a dollar.
I just love the roses decorating the card.

I like this image of the Queen and it is different from any of my other treasures.

I also like that it features Queen Victoria's beloved Balmoral in Scotland. I guess that is the "at home" part of the card! Not your typical home.

I have been thinking about fall and making some new fall Pinterest boards. I always start longing for fall right after our anniversary.


Bernideen said...

Your cup and saucer are darling. It does look so much like the 50's. I often wonder why we don't get tea cups and saucers from Japan anymore instead of China!

Kelly-Anne said...

Happy Friday! Oh...dear Lady Linda! What a perfectly gorgeous cup and saucer...just beautiful! And I love the design and the little cute!
I hope you and your husband had a blessed day celebrating your anniversary, and that there will be many more happy years together! :)
Blessings and much love always,

mamasmercantile said...

Such a wonderful cup and saucer, love the detail, enchanting.