Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Wedding and Teacup #72


Congrats to Gina and Eric Howk....Mr and Mrs Howk....September 8th 2012....Seattle Washington!
This picture was taken by one of the newlywed's friends right after the wedding ceremony and I just love it. What a beautiful wedding. It was so filled with love and the best of everything that just spilled out and over everyone who was there. It was amazing and magical. I'm going to go back over the days and times leading up to this lovely picture in hopes that I can put my thoughts down to help remember this most enchanting event.

Jim and I left for Seattle Thursday morning and checked into the Deca Hotel in the University District of Seattle. Gina's friend Kelsie was staying there, so we all left a bit after 6:00 PM for the rehearsal dinner (without rehearsal) at the Il Fornaio restaurant in downtown Seattle. We had my IPhone set up to get us there but I didn't have my glasses on and we took a wrong exit! YIKES...right at rush hour. We were a little late, but finally arrived for a lovely and fun dinner.

We got a chance to meet Eric's mom Susan and his grandmother Donna. What lovely women who came down from their home in Alaska. We instantly liked them!

We met the kids at the Fremont Abbey on Friday afternoon for the real rehearsal. The weather was just beautiful and the building was perfect for a wedding.

Time to practice, practice and more practice. We all had a fun time and a lot of laughs. Gina's older sister Angie made rehearsal from Portland and Eric's sister Jen made it from Boston!

Big Sister Angie!

Big sister Jen!

An emotional daddy and daughter!
Granny Donna and Susan being entertained!

Time for a kiss!

Angie, Chris and his daughter Ava enjoying a fun time after the rehearsal across the street at a little restaurant. The weather was just perfect and everyone had time to relax and enjoy the afternoon.
Later that evening, Chris took his girls and Jim and I out to a great restaurant by the water. It was so warm and what a treat to eat outside. Funny Chris with his paper mask with Ava all smiles.

Chris ordered me a popcycle cocktail...yummy!

Can you tell we were having such a good time with our girls and all their friends? What a very special time. When we were having dinner, I was telling them all about going to the Seattle World's Fair in 1962. Chris is a real history nut so he was asking me what I could remember as a kid. This is the 50th anniversary of the Fair.

This brings me to my teacup for Miss Spenser's Teacup Thursday! A cup and saucer for the Seattle World's fair. What a riot, huh? I found it earlier this summer and had to save it for wedding time.

Jim and I had dinner up in the Space Needle years ago when we were first dating....memories!

So Saturday was the big day. Jim and I took a walk in the University District and had a nice little lunch. When we returned, our friends and family were checking into the Deca. It was getting pretty exciting.
We dressed and the hotel shuttle took us to the Abbey for pictures before the evening wedding. We were all getting excited and a little nervous. Susan and I were trying not to be sobbing mothers to no avail. I didn't take too many of my own pictures as it just didn't seem right. So, I don't have too many to share and will have to wait for the professional pix to come in. I did get a few right before the wedding.
This is my very favorite of my girls....JOY JOY JOY! What a blessing to have daughters.

A sentimental papa Colantino getting some help with his flower from his first born Angie.

Another great looking couple! Chris and Angie along with little Ava all dressed up and ready for the wedding!

                    Mr and Mrs having a moment all to themselves. Sweet couple, so in love.

All too soon the evening came to a close. I was having way too much fun dancing the night away. Such sweet memories to think over and to bring sweet dreams.

It was up bright and early for Jim and me. We hosted a breakfast for our out of town guests. The hotel did a lovely job and they made it all happen with little effort on our part. It was nice to have some quiet time to visit with our friends and family.

Jim and I said our good byes to all and just crashed in our room the rest of the day! Too much fun for the old folks!

My last photo is of our precious newlyweds sitting on the plane waiting to take off for a long honeymoon in Spain! May God keep them safe and bless them as they journey down life's path
together! Please Lord, bless them with some little ones. We love you Gina and Eric. Thank you to all who made their day just wonderful.


Jane said...

Give them a chance to be newlyweds before you have them giving you grandchildren! :) LOL

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What a happy post, Linda! The bride and groom are such a cute couple and I wish them many years filled with joy. It was wonderful reading about their special day.
Thanks for sharing all about it.

Your Seattle teacup is special and perfect for Teacup Thursday. Enjoy your weekend.


Antiques And Teacups said...

How wonderful! What a fabulous time you must have had! Wonderful! I haven't stayed at the Decca...looks like a great place! Your World's Fair teacup is a great choice...especially for this anniversary year. Thanks for sharing your wonderful post!

Linda said...

Lovely post. Honeymoon in Spain sounds wonderful. Get some rest Linda.

New England Weddings said...

great posts. What a lovely coupe.
Thanks for the share.

Rosetta said...

Linda!!Tanti auguri per tua figlia!Questo post mi era sfuggito!Che bella coppia!Benedizioni per loro e i genitori!Stai tranquilla avranno un bel viaggio in Spagna,e al ritorno sarai felice di riabbracciare!Un bacione,Rosetta

Donna and Miss Spenser said...

Oh, such happy times...LOVE IT!! What a fun place to marry -- and I enjoyed the Space Needle Teacup too!!

Your daughter is gorgeous - love her dress!!! Congrats!! ~D

Storybook Woods said...

They are soooooo dang cute. I am soo happy for them and you. I am glad the wedding went well xox Clarice

Denise said...

We went out of town for a couple of days to escape the heat-in the 100s.How nice to come back and see your daughter's wonderful wedding activities.Both your daughters are gorgeous.The bride looks perfect in that wonderful dress.I remember after each of My daughters weddings(4-girls),Me flopping on My bed and staying there for hours,so good but exhausting to see through to the end.Denise

Ruthie Miller said...

What a handsome and darling couple. Many blessings to them. Congratulations and I can feel your pride. What a wonderful time for your family.
Ruthie from:

wilhelmina said...

So wonderful! I have tears in my eyes! I love weddings. Wishing them love always and an easy path!

LaVonne said...

Lovely. Just lovely. No other words.......
I can't wait for more pics!