Monday, September 3, 2012

Doll Show Results!

Jim and I went to the doll show here in Portland OR last Saturday. It's put on by a group called Crossroads and they come twice a year. Oh, temptation and fun! Have you ever read the book
about the little doll called Hitty? It's a great story. Here is my Hitty doll in her new outfit! She is also sitting on the new chair I wrote about on my Tasha Tudor Day blog. It fits her perfectly. I have had her for a few years but I found her some outfits at the show...pretty exciting.

My Hitty doll is a Robert Raikes doll so it was really great to find some outfits made for her by the same company. They had never been opened. I love the blue on she's wearing as it came with a dress, bonnet, slip, pantaloons and an apron!

This is a cloth faced doll from Russia. I don't know why, but I fell in love with her. Her dress has great fabrics and her little shoes are amazing. I have been collecting tea cozy dolls from Russia and this doll is similar. I really need to find out more about them.

Then I found this sweet little lady, who is also a tea cozy doll. She isn't in the best condition, but don't you love her sweet face? How could I leave her behind?

Here's a picture of the Russian doll and Russian tea cozy doll family.

I collect nuthead don't find a lot of them. One of the vendors was selling off her grandmother's doll collection and she had some really interesting dolls. She did have one nuthead...a little guy, so I had to get him for my collection. He's from the Blue Ridge Mountain region and had a little tag.
She also had a seed pod doll from South America 1951. I love her dress and thought she was a great addition to my folk art collectible dolls. My friend LaVonne collects wishbone dolls, but I have never seen one at any of the shows I have attended.

It was such a good show. More vendors have been coming that antique and collectibles so that warms my heart. The last purchase was a little tin bread box. It just called to me and goes well in brownsville.
Can't wait for the next show in February!

Today is my baby sister's birthday! Happy Birthday Alisa!


Linda said...

Some wonderful finds. I love the little Russian doll too and the tea cozy one.

LaVonne said...

Oh, oh, oh! I have been waiting with baited breath to see your treasures. The Russian dolls call to me too, but I think it's the Germans from Russia in my blood. My Grandmother, Juliana, was born in Odessa, Russia and came to America when she was 9 mos. old. North Dakota State University has some awesome videos out.
Anyway, I didn't mean to write a book, but knowing a bit of your history, this may be why you are drawn to them too. Who knows! Thanks for sharing your treasures! So fun!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh Linda what finds. I am besotted with the Russian doll. My grandmother Clair (whom I am named after and never meet. She died when my father was 16) came from Russia. I have a deep connection to her and anything Russian. I love your babushka!!
xoxo Clarice

Lady Jane said...

What beautiful dolls!!! If only I had room I would collect them also. Dang my minis just take up too much room and then sewing, whew too many hobbies, lol... Lady Jane

Kathryn Ross said...

OH! You have a Hitty doll!!! I tried to order one a number of years ago from Raikes but they were not available. Actually - I think I might have lost money on the deal as I never got a refund. Something strange like that. It was a make it yourself kit and the clothes were patterns. How grand that you have one - I recognized it right away.

Your Russian doll has so much personality - and the tea cozy doll - I'm drooling! So many interesting dolls. I fear I have a VERY mediocre collection.

Thanks for dropping by and letting me know you're thinking of me. I've been thinking about all and sundry in Blogland, but have actually been off the grid completely for a whole week due to a trip to New England for my grandbaby's 2nd birthday. Post coming soon with photos, of course.

Hope to be back for tea next week.

Blessings, dear lady . . .

Zaa said...

Ha Ha Lady Linda...

You've got me laughing...How ever could you leave anything behind...(Hee Hee)... It's so hard to come away from a doll show without any dollies...I too share your enthusiasm for tea cozy dolls... Your vintage Russian tea Granny is charming.. and a real find... Infact ...They all look so very happy and content together...Treasures for sure... Hugs