Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Day of Autumn and The Quilt Show

Happy first day of Autumn! Fall is officially here today and it seems to be a favorite season of so many. I am among that group. I always feel like I come alive again after the long hot summer. The daylight hours of the days are becoming shorter and it's time to go back into our homes. I guess that's one thing I really like. It's still warm and sunny here in Oregon, but the geese are flying over about twice a day now and the season is beginning to change.

Yesterday, I met my friend Lynda at the Expo Center for the annual Portland Quilt Show. I usually go alone, but Lynda is getting into quilting so she was happy to go with me. It's always more fun to share it with a friend. Here she is when we were picking out some wool for a project.

We are both going to make a round pumpkin table topper out of wool with blanket stitching around the pumpkins. Lynda knits but has never done any embroidery work. I keep telling her it's really easy!
Working with wool is quite a popular medium right now. I love working with in on small projects. It's amazing how expensive wool has become. I'm glad I held onto my stash of wool! It's nice to have some on hand to choose from for that special project.

This is one of the booths that we liked...lots of goodies to drool over.

This was an old quilt. The scale is really small, I have never seen this block done is such a tiny size.

This was a garage sale find for someone. She finished it with hand quilting and I just loved all the old fabrics.

What a switch....a very colorful and contemporary quilt! Amazing and something I'll never be able to do.

Lynda and I both liked this rooster quilt. I love the postage stamp work on the entire large boarder. Can you see the black buttons that the maker added to the large red rick rack? Really cute little detail. Nice quilting too.

More contemporary quilts to enjoy. Such work! Such talent!

An award winning quilt...even though this is a very modern quilt, and I really like more traditional quilting, this is stunning. Look at the quilting and the embellishments.

Love the acorn pattern in this quilt. I love acorn anything.

Pie anyone? pretty cute and lots of work in this one too.

These shows are always inspiring. I know I'll never enter a quilt in a show, but these shows do remind me how much I enjoy quilting. I haven't even had my machine out for months...shame on me! Maybe now that the season is changing, there just might be a bit more time for some sewing and quilting.


Susan said...

Wow, Linda. Those quilts are absolutely gorgeous. Oh my. There are so many talented people in the world, aren't there?

Take care and thanks for sharing. Also, thanks for your visits and comments on my blog. Susan

LaVonne said...

Love the rooster quilt! And the bee! So fun and such amazing talent on all of them!