Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Teacup Thursday #73

A busy day spent taking my dad to the doctor and spending time with him. Came home, packed up my Etsy orders and mailed them off and then decided to weed my neglected front flower bed. I worked until dark and then enjoyed a nice hot bath in my wonderful Jacuzzi bathtub. I treated myself to a bath bomb that my SIL Eric had given to me...oh, rose petals and just a lovely soft pink color. It smelled heavenly. Anyway, that made me think of Eric and his family and that led me to his mom Susan. We have been emailing and as I said before, we just clicked. She lives in Anchorage, Alaska and so I am featuring a little demitasse cup and saucer I picked up this spring and a lovely plate. The state flower of Alaska is the forget-me-not, so this is for you Susan!

Both the plate and the cup and saucer are Haviland and I think they were hand painted but I cannot find a signature on either piece.

When I was in high school, our family went to visit my aunt and uncle who lived in Ketchikan, Alaska. It was so beautiful. It was summer so it was very much like Oregon. Jim has always wanted to visit Alaska! Maybe someday we will go on a road trip to visit Susan. Here's a picture of this lovely lady....Susan, I "borrowed" it from your Facebook page-great picture!

I found this little embroidery piece with the pattern on the cute blog today...would be a fun little project.

The days have been so warm here in Oregon and I am ready for fall! It did cool a bit today and the leaves are gently turning color. Maybe fall will sneak in next week!
Thank you Donna and Spenser for hosting Miss Spenser's Teacup's been a wonderful adventure and I have met some great ladies who have become good friends. 


Antiques And Teacups said...

What a lovely post! I love your china, and forget me nots are a favorite because they are favorite color! What a nice post for Susan. I'm sure she will be thrilled!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Linda,
Your teacup and plate are so very pretty! Love forget-me-nots! I'm sure Susan will love your post. Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Susan said...

Oh, Linda, such a lovely post! I'm so honored! And adore the teacup and place - just gorgeous. I feel so blessed and happy to have you and Jim in my life now, not to mention dear Gina! Thank you, dear friend, and hope to see you again soon. Love, Susan.

romance-of-roses said...

Hi Linda,
Thank you so much for your sweet visit. Yes, dear husband is doing much better, it was the heat that made him sick. It's been cooling down a bit but not enough, we are also so ready for fall. Lovely cup/saucer set and the little embroidery is so cute.
I can see it on napkins. Hugs...Lu

Micupoftea~ said...

Hello Linda :)
What gorgeous china....such delicate florals. Love the stitching. You are so talented. I have not been to Alaska yet. My husband would love to take a cruise along the AK coast and I want to go to Denali! Thanks for visiting my blog. HAPPY FALL,

Denise said...

I love forget-Me-nots.Very nice pieces.Enjoyed reading about Susan.I also would love to go to Alaska some day :)

Storybook Woods said...

Oh Linda I love this tea cup. There a sweetness about it!! Clarice

Cori G. said...

Hi Linda,
I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I started my new semester and my class schedule is crazy.
The colors on your teacup and plates are so beautiful. Do you use them or just put them on display?
We too have had a hot hot summer and I'm ready for it all to end.
I hope you have a great weekend.
xoxo Cori