Friday, September 14, 2012

Catching Up and Moving On

Still trying to catch up on things after the wedding. Summer is still hanging on with very warm temperatures here in Oregon. I am ready to move on to fall. I woke up early this morning and it's been fun reading all my favorite blogs with a good cup of coffee. I NEED to make something or create something. That bug always seems to bite me at this time of the year!
Our honeymoon couple is on their way to France for the weekend. How exciting. 


Deborah said...

Great wedding photos, so beautiful! glad you all had a wonderful time, hope the happy couple enjoy France, we have just returned from there, loved it :) thanks for stopping by my blog sweetie, have a wonderful weekend.

Bee happy x

Susan said...

Now you can relax and enjoy the weekend, Linda. You have wonderful memories of a beautiful event. Susan

romance-of-roses said...

How wonderful to be going to France such a romantic place for newlyweds and for everyone else too. A gal can dream, right? Love all the wedding pictures. Hubby doing a bit better just hope he doesn't get another heat stroke. Today we had 102 degrees, hot again tomorrow. I am ready for fall, that's for sure. Hugs...Lu