Monday, December 6, 2010

St. Nicholas Day

Today my Tasha Tudor group Take Peace celebrated St. Nicholas Day. It's become the beginning of the Christmas season and I have come to celebrate my birthday on Dec 6th too. They just sort of merged together.
After doing some errand this morning, I returned home and set up my St. Nick's Tea in my tearoom. Now that Jim is retired, it's more fun to share these Tasha events with someone.
We had the Dundee Cake, Honey Cake from the Russian shoppe and German gingerbread cookies. Lots of black vanilla tea to warm the windy day. I added a new twist...a wee glass of port before the goodies-a very nice addition, I must say.
Jim had a gift for me...a little antique doll trunk. I love it and it will be perfect for Annabelle.
Speaking of Annabelle, she was all set up for her tea too! She has become the little decorator.
Robin had my name and sent me several teas, two ornaments, a little box and a little pin. Such a fun package.
LaVonne sent my birthday present, which i just had to open. She had asked what symbol of Christmas was my favorite. It's holly and she made me a felted garland,sent a darling book, a holly kitchen towel and other goodies. The real present I got from her is she booked a flight to see me in February. Have to plan a Valentine's Day Tea to celebrate.


LaVonne said...

I want to jump inside the screen and have tea with your 2! Looks so lovely, like EVERYTHING you do! The music is lovely. I am not a fan of music on websites and blogs, but this is very nice!
Love, hugs and happy birthday to my dearest friend!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh Linda, I was dying to see all the little wonderful doll stuff (the girls would go crazy at your house). It is all sooo charming and where did you get a Tasha silhouette?? How cool!!
LaVonne is coming in Feb, she is going to have to move here. It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful winter xoxox Clarice

Linda said...

What fun. I'd love to see the rest of your doll things. Do you leave this up thoughout the Christmas season?