Monday, December 20, 2010

The Moon

Mother Nature has a show for us tonight-a lunar eclipse. Tomorrow is Winter Solstice and the Full Moon. Lots of good names for the moon:
Christmas, Bitter,Snow,12th, Cold, Long Night and Rain and Wind Moon.
I think I like Long Night Full Moon.
I'd love to see the coppery red moon tonight, but it's cloudy. We had some snow last night and there is talk about more on Wednesday.Ah, it is winter!
Gina is treating me to a pedicure in the morning and then we're going to bake cookies.
Angie spent the night we had lots of fun decorating ornament for the beach trip.
Still have to get a little tree and shop for the groceries. I think I'm done with shopping and just have a few more things to wrap.
I hope to deliver some Christmas gifts and cheer before we leave for the coast on Christmas Eve.

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