Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas wrapping....

Oh, it's ok to wrap packages, but when you have to wrap and package gifts...ugh! I have all of Jim's family presents ready to go tomorrow!
Now I have to wrap my things. As we are going to the beach for Christmas this year, we are only doing stockings. We have a tradition, that all stocking treats have to be wrapped in tissue paper, so that's next for me.
It's the 3rd week of Advent to day~light another candle.
A busy week ahead...Dr. visit for dad, sewing party, cards to write, lunch with Lynda, an overnight stay with Peggy at our new retreat hotel in Washougal and then Gina comes home from New Mexico!
I must have more coffee and wake up!


Storybook Woods said...

Pretty papers. Remember to breath and have fun xoxox Clarice

fabraholic said...

You have a very nice selection of Christmas Wrapping Paper. My mom had tons of it, so I don't have to buy any for several years! :-) You are doing much better than I am, I have only wrapped just what I have had to for various Christmas Parties, guess I better get busy!!

Jane said...

Stocking presents in our family are always wrapped with Santa paper since they are from Santa. Of course, when Elsie was little I would hide Santa paper that was different from all of our other papers to help the illusion. Some people I used to work with would exchange the ends of their rolls of Santa paper so the stocking paper was different from what was available to wrap gifts. :)