Friday, December 24, 2010

It's almost Christmas!

We're off to the Oregon Coast for a little Christmas vacation tomorrow morning.
Today was spent finishing up Christmas, delivering gifts, visiting, grocery shopping for the trip and some food prep. It's hard to believe that Dec 25th is almost here. It all goes so quickly.
We'll open most of our gifts when we return on Monday...doing stockings only at the beach!
The Christmas cookies turned out pretty good this year. Maybe having Gina here to help made it all so much fun.
The storage units are coming along in the backyard. Duane does such nice work. They still look like boxcars, but the roof is next, then windows and doors. The wind has been blowing so hard, I don't know how he stands it out there...burrrrr!
Dad was happy today when Jim and I took his Christmas presents over to him. He looks good and I'm so thankful for his progress this past year.
My cousin Cathy's husband passed away last night after a year long battle with cancer. My heart is with them.


Storybook Woods said...

Merry Christmas dear Linda,
I think the beach is wonderful idea. Have fun sweetie xoxoxo Clarice

Suzanne said...

Oh the beach....amongst all this snow the beach sounds dreamy right about now:-)