Friday, December 10, 2010

My Birthday~December 8th

I had the most wonderful birthday this year. In the past, my birthdays have been something I just wanted to forget. Being in retail, trying to survive the Christmas rush or worrying about paying all the bills for the extra inventory, just didn't make for a nice birthday.
Jim took me to Poulsbo WA and we stayed over night. This was my 3rd time there this fall! It was sad not seeing Angie or Clarice, but it wasn't fair to bother them this time. It was a fun time to share it all with Jim! Great eating, beautiful scenery and fun Christmas shopping. The weather was pretty wet, but we did have some sun breaks yesterday and that was nice.
We love small independent shoppes and it's such a treat to find them anymore.
I got lots of cards, gifts and tons of Facebook wishes! I love FB! The best gifts are time with special people, good friends and staying connected.
Gina had a great birthday too in New Mexico. We are birthday girls and share the same birthday! She got her driver's licence...yeah! This is going to be a good year...and I am thanking God and believing that it will be filled with many blessings and opportunities to bless others.
Here's a picture of the little doll trunk Jim found for me and some of the holly gifts LaVonne sent me.


Storybook Woods said...

Happy, happy birthday dear Linda, I am soo glad you had a lovely time. You will have to come one time when Saint Lucia comes in on a boat out on the harbor. It is night and the lights reflect on the water, it is stunning. Ohh what wonderful gifts. I am coveting that book, I will have to look for it. Enjoy the Christmas magic, love Clarice

Jane said...

What a dear little trunk! Elsie and I each have one for our fashions courtesy of my mom. Have fun with yours!