Monday, July 3, 2017

4th of July Tasha Tudor Summer Exchange

I got to organize our Tasha Tudor Summer Exchange this year. It was such a fun exchange. I chose the theme....HURRAH FOR THE RED WHITE AND BLUE! Each member was to send their partner an item with a flag, a dish towel, a package of napkins and something for the person's doll or Teddy. Of course, this group is so generous and they all seemed to send more. It was so fun to see how creative the ladies were.

My partner was Sam. She lives in Colorado. Part of the fun of these exchanges is having a chance to get to know someone personally in your group. Sam loves to sew and she is very creative.

My goodies were all wrapped up in cute paper doilies, tied with fun packaging string.

It was all pretty exciting and I couldn't wait to open the treasures.

My doll Daphanie was delighted with a handmade quilt, a cute note and a darling little 4th of July banner.

More goodies for me too! I also got a banner! She found 2 dolly books that I cannot wait to read. So thoughtful and sweet.

Daphanie's handmade quilt to celebreat the holiday.

I put my banner up right away.

I love the paper plates and sweet red cute.

Today is Monday Made on my Tasha group, so I decided to pull out my red, white and blue dolly quilts.  I just found some tucked away in a box. I have been sorthing through so much!

I love the was a thrift store find.

Blue applique hearts really make this quilt charming and loveable. I have had it for quite some time.

Hitty enjoys these two little quilts. I bouht the blue one years ago. I made the little one for Hitty  this year.

And this is the quilt that Sam made for my dolls.

Lots of fun to celebrate the 4th. 


Szara Sowa said...

Happy celebaiting 4th of July!

mamasmercantile said...

Hope you have wonderful celebration.

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Bernideen said...

I enjoyed both of these posts and am so glad you got such great treasures since you did all that work! It was great fun!