Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tea Time Tuesday #156

Happy Tea Time Tuesday! It's been quite a week and I didn't get back to my blog after last week's tea post. Our daughter Gina needed some help up in Everett WA and we had to make a trip up north. It's been an emotional week but I am hoping that things will get better.

So, here we are back at Tea Time Tuesday. I took a little break and thought it would be fun to use a couple of my pretty pink older tea cups.

It's still wet and dull outside and pretty grey. I have to rely on silk flowers for now. I have been thinking about my flower beds and looking at garden plans lately. I have to hold off here until May to plant...especially this year. It's just wet the poor little plants will just rot. That's happened to me in the past when I get too over anxious about gardening!

I was really craving sweets today, but I have to be good...sigh. So I decided to have some strawberry chocolate tea. It is yummy and sweet. It's not a good tea if you are having dessert but nice if you just want to enjoy a cuppa.

The cups are old fashion...this one was made in Germany.

This one is marked Austrian.

I enjoyed reading through this tea booklet that I have had for several years....Tea with the Bennets. It is delightful. The author is British and adds so much charm to the recipes. Enjoy a few examples here.

I need to get to bed early tonight. It's spring vacation and I will have to watch Ava and Otto tomorrow. I have some crafts and a fun cupcake idea lined up. Both kids just pull on Grandma Linda and there's six years between them. I have to find things that both of them can do. 


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Cupcakes and crafts....sounds like a fun day!!! Have a wonderful time.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Your tea cup are very lovely and oh how I would like a cup of the strawberry chocolate tea

Szara Sowa said...

I <3 this pink tea cups. Have a wonderful week. :)

The Victorian Girl said...

What sweet pink teacups! I love old-fashioned.

Ruth W said...

What a fun cookbooklet...haven't seen that one! Will have to look for that. Hope things are well with your daughter...been rainy up here, as usual! Love the teacups. Shush a pretty shade. Have a wonderful week,