Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Happy St Patrick's Day! I love St Patty's Day. My mom enjoyed decorating and celebrating all the holidays, so I guess I got it from her. My dad worked for Woolworth's so we always had access to party decorations and fun goodies.

My Italian hubby loves corned beef and cabbage. Since I am on a low sodium diet, I can no longer enjoy the standard St Pat's dinner. But Jimmy loves it and I make it for him. Here it is cooking in the crock pot. It smells so yummy.

I had fun decorating the table. The cute plates, placemats and doilies all came from the $ store. It's fun to mix and match with my St Pat's china.

You HAVE to have a few chocolate gold coins for the day!

This little guy doesn't seem to know what's going on. He's been napping for years.

Just a few chocolate mint cookies for dessert.

Only the BEST butter for today!

It's fun to use a few different cup and saucers at dinner.

Just look at that smile!   Give the guys some yummy food and he's a happy camper!.

Even though I could have the corned beef plate, I did have a yummy ftesh shrimp complaints.

Happy St Patrick's Day!


Shellie Almond said...

I love each and ever detail of your lovely dinner! It was all so beautiful and the food looks so yummy! I too understand not being able to enjoy somethings we love to eat due to health problems! Hope you have an amazinf weekend! I love you1

Lady Jane said...

Wow everything looks amazing. I can no longer have corn beef. Your salad looks so good also. I love St Patricks day. Hugs, LJ

janice15 said...

I can not have any either and it was one of my favorite things I looked forward to each year... the shrimp salad looks great. Love your table setting so lovely Linda.. Happy Sunday have a wonderful day with love Janice