Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday Treasures

Our recent trip to the coast was quite fun and we found so fun goodies to keep and of course to sell.
I found lots of things that are just perfect for my Etsy.

You know, I was jumping up and down when I found quilt blocks and a doll quilt. All the fabrics were really in great condition...bright and colorful.

The star blocks are just beautiful! There are 5 of them constructed with fabulous fabrics.

I found a whole stack of the Wedding Ring quilt blocks. I'm sure someone would love to give new life to these blocks.

One large Dresden Plate block would make a great bag or pillow top

I'm always excited to find a doll quilt! They are always a good seller for those little doll cradles or doll beds.

Jim is always looking for small dressers for his booth. This one is so charming. I get excited when I find anything Holly Hobbie! I think I have to keep the Wee Wisdom children's magazines...just too fun!

The maple wooden bowls are for Jim's booth. He got a great price on them and they were made in Vermont! Love old tin cookie cutters. We have found quite a few now for the next show.

Jim is just crazy about Bennington pottery. This is a smaller pitcher and it is charming. It will stay in Jim's collection.

As you can see, we just had lots of fun doing something we love to do together. 


mamasmercantile said...

Such beautiful finds and I love to hear about your little adventures together seeking out the treasure. Have a great weekend.

Bernideen said...

Dear Lina:
Such beautiful pieces you have found. I love the quilt pieces and potential for many things. You always find "great stuff". Hope you have a happy 4th! Be safe! Thanks for sharing and linking.