Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday Thoughts

This is my sweet SIL's father...Hubert Stoll. He is a gem. He worked hard all his life as a dairy farmer and farmer in Illinois.His daughter Brenda is married to my brother in law Allyn.

We are keeping Hubert in our prayers as he has been in the hospital for a few weeks now. His family expected him to be leaving us all yesterday, but I guess the Lord has other plans and he is doing better today. He has a wonderful doctor and pastor that are right there with him. What a blessing.

This sweet soul has been sending out a bible verse every day, plus a little poem he writes and happy birthday, anniversary, congratulation, or any other good wishes for his large family. He has been doing this on the internet for years and I just cherish his daily posts.

We love you Hubert.


Sandi said...


Where can I read his posts?

Stephanie said...

Oh Linda, what a precious man and such a joy for you to have him in your life. Please know that he will be in my prayers as will you and your family.

Love you, dear friend!