Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Thoughts...Grandparent's Day

Sunday Thoughts today take me to the blessing that God gave me to become a mama and now a grandma. How happy this makes my heart and how grateful I am for this gift. I remember asking God years ago to let me marry, let me become a mama and then my biggest prayer was to let me become a grandma. I have shared this story with you many times that I had given up on becoming a grandma and was ok with it. Then God blessed our daughter Angie and our SIL Chris with this little monkey.
His eye is healing and he is better, but  he gets a bit scared when he sees big trees or takes a little fall. That will fade with time.

Today is GRANDPARENT'S DAY! I hope those of you who are grandparents have given it some thought and I hope you have said a little prayer of gratitude for the blessing of a grandchild.

Yesterday, we spent the day with our daughter Angie and little monkey man Otto. We went to some estate sales and he was soooo good. Here he is with his sad little eye, playing with his new little red truck. He's so cute at the sales and loves to pay the clerk for his chosen item. He absolutely loves cars and trucks! Grandpa bought him a little red wagon that he liked. He was hauling all kinds of things in that wagon.

Here he is with his mama and thats my hand in the picture. We were asking him what he wanted to eat. He wanted the bear pancakes but his mama thought Mac and Cheese was a better option. Elmer's Pancake House offered a free meal for all kids this weekend to celebrate Grandparent's Day. Very sweet.

So I thank my God for this beautiful little grandbaby and pray that I will be a good influence in his life. I pray that he will always remember Gama with a smile. 


mamasmercantile said...

I didn't realise it was Grandparents days, may be its a different date over here. I am thankful for the 4 beautiful Grandchildren that I have been blessed with and pray that the next two will arrive safely. Like you I hope they will remember me with a smile. Hope you had a wonderful day.

Susan said...

Hi Linda. Little Otto is a darling, that's for sure.

Grandparenting is the very best, isn't it? I love it too! So grateful to the Lord. Susan