Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday Thoughts

My daughter Gina called me last Friday to tell me that one of her long time friends-ANNA- had just lost her mother. Anna's mom was just 65 and she passed away just a few weeks after the doctors had found found some lesions on her spine. Anna has been a family friend and in our lives for so many years. She was so close to her mama and is just so very sad right now.
Gina came home from Seattle to be here for her friend. Anna stopped by in the afternoon and we all just hugged and cried and hugged some more.

I have been thinking about all of this for days and I have been trying to help my daughter with some words of wisdom, to help her friend. I was looking at verses about comfort and came across this perfect. Life is so fragile, not unlike an egg! Life is precious and I am guilty of wasting time and energy on things that really don't matter too much. A time of loss is a good time to spend in prayer and a good time to think-or should I say RETHINK- about your priorities. I probably cherish MY TIME too much. I am not always there for others.

So what can you do for your friend when she is deeply grieving? I am not always sure that you can say much when the shock of death is so new. You do need to just BE THERE. Maybe you just need to listen, just hug, just cry or just offer a glass of water or a cup of tea. You need to be available if and when she calls and asks for your help.You need to hold up your friend and her family in prayer. I think the real test of friendship and the real comfort comes a bit later and continues all through the first year after you have lost a dear one. You can't expect much from your friend during this time and sometimes you just need to be agreeable.

I am thankful for my faith and for the comfort that comes with that decision. Not everyone has that and my heart just goes out to them.When I don't share that faith or the same beliefs with a friend, I believe God wants me to comfort those around me and to be a good example of how a Christian lives.

Take some time to think about these Sunday Thoughts and pray that you will be ready to comfort others when that time comes. Comfort is a gift we can easily give to others.


Lady Jane said...

Words of wisdom for sure.

janice15 said...

God for sure always wants us to be helpful. Specially when death arises. Maybe you cant cook her a nice meal with you her and your daughter. When I lost my mama a year half ago i was so lost she was our back bone of our family and i really just wanted comfort and to have someone there which i really didnt have. The bible says that all who pass away befor the great tribulation have the opportunity to be resurrected.. So thats always a comfort. John 5:28 sorry for the lost dear Lady with love Janice

All4 Barbie said...

Hello from Spain: I'm sorry the death of Anna's mother. I pray. I agree with your thoughts. In these sad times we have to help our friends. Keep in touch

Debby Ray said...

Linda, first of all, your blog is so lovely and I will be checking back in to get a little better acquainted with it! I am so sorry to hear that your daughter's friend has lost her mother. I was blessed to have my mom with me a good long time...she was nearly 98 when she passed so it is hard to imagine losing someone who should have had so many more years. Like you, I am often unsure of what to say to that one who is grieving...I stumble with my words and feel uneasy. I agree with you...just be there for them and pray, pray, pray. There is doubt that I get my priorities out of control at times...I thank the Lord when He reminds me of this and helps me get back on track! Enjoy your day and I am following your lovely blog now :)