Monday, September 7, 2015

Doll Show!!!

Last Saturday, it was time for the fall doll show!  You know how I love dolls and I look so forward to this show. I adored the dolls in this booth! I don't know how long I was there admiring them all.

The show is usually at the armory building, but it wasn't available for this show, so they moved to the Red Lion Hotel and it was really a nice location for the event.

Another nice booth with lots to enjoy.

This little lady was quite large. I think she has a nice face.

This set of doll furniture was getting a lot of attention. The booth holder was very kind to let me get a photo of it. It was so well made and beautiful. Any doll I know would have loved having this delivered to her house.

Someone was ready for fall and Halloween!

China heads just call to me. They are so beautiful and I never tire of them. I have several and always want to welcome another one home!  I was quite taken with this little lady.

This little miss didn't seem to mind ironing. She seems to be smiling.

This is the largest china head I have ever seen! She was almost life size and was actually sitting on a Victorian chair. She was in amazing condition. I'm not sure if she was a store display or what but she was really something.

Her hat was quite the show stopper and look at that face!

I did bring home just a few treasures. I was trying to be good! I have been sorting out things all summer and getting rid of things I no longer need, so I am choosing carefully.

A few miniatures for Annabelle...I loved the turkey on the tin roasting pan.

I really have an interest in handmade rag dolls. I just fell in love with her clothes and all the work someone put into this doll.

My first purchase was this dolly. She isn't that old, but I loved her face and her hair is marvelous.
I couldn't resist her.

I met a lady from Boise who made this outfit from a kit for my reproduction French Fashion doll.
She was really fun to chat with and she did a very nice job on this dress with a little hat.

This is Daphne. She was able to travel to New England with us. She is Annabelle's friend. My friend Wilhelmina picked out a name for her. I have had her for about two years and she never had any clothes or even a name. I like the name Daphne. I have given her a middle name...Moon. There was a full moon while we were at the Gathering, so it seemed like a good name for her.

I think she liked her new frock! She seems to be smiling.

Maybe the new hat really pleased her! Doesn't she have a darling face?

Annabelle was happy to loan her dress to the new little one. It was a gift from Kristen and I think she looks pretty cute in it.

There's another doll show September 19th...better save up my pennies again. After that, it's a long wait until the next show in February! 


mamasmercantile said...

What a great show, I have had to scroll up and down your post several times to enjoy them all. What a delight I would want it all.

Sandra@Prairie Patch Quilts said...

The doll show looks like it was just wonderful. I know I would love to have been able to visit. I do love your new doll. She has a beautiful painted face. The new doll dress is very nice too. You got some real treasures. Look forward to seeing pictures from the next doll show.

Bernideen Canfield said...

Hi Linda:
Last Saturday I went to the Paris Street Market which was great fun. I walked in a booth and I was TWO MINUTES LATE so to speak. There was a whole basket of very old dolls. I stood and waited for a couple to decided what they wanted and of course they took the one or ones I wanted. There were 2 big baby ones for $20.00 each and would you believe they offered $15.00 each and she took it. I will just keep looking as I have my doll toy chest from the early 50's that my birth father made me.
Thanks for sharing these beautiful dolls.

Denise said...

Very nice : ) What a fun day.One more thing We have in common.Hugs

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Oh Linda, that doll show looked amazing. I like china head dolls too or any that are from the Victorian era. The life sized one is fun, I've never seen one that big either! So many pretty dolls there. You bought some nice things too, how exciting. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

Cheryl said...

What a lovely blog you have, Linda! I so appreciated you stopping by mine and leaving such sweet encouragement behind. Sorry it took me a bit to get around to visiting you. I am SO glad I did! I leave here refreshed in spirit...I love dolls, too. :) My dear husband buys them for me from time to time, and I keep them in a curio in our bedroom. So precious, and there are memories attached to each one of them! So thankful to "meet" you, sweet friend. :)