Friday, January 9, 2015

Tea Time Thursday #60~Little Mustard Pots

It's warm and windy today for Tea Time Thursday. The rest of the nation is blanketed in freezing cold temperatures, but we are experiencing spring like weather in the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, our snow pack is 58% of what it should be at this time of the year. So, as most of you are shivering, we are hoping for some more winter weather!

I also want to thank all  of you for your kind words and prayers for my friend's family. His service will be on Saturday. As difficult as the day will be, Jim and I will be there to honor Tim's life and support his family.

Today, I'm sharing my little collection of mustard pots.  They are small little pots that were placed on the table to serve mustard. They are perfect for mustards and other goodies on your tea table too....clotted cream, marmalade or jams. Sometimes, they are called wet mustard pots, which is why they have little spoons. After mustards were "prepared", a spoon was needed to serve the mustard which was dry mustard mixed with oil and vinegar.

This is my first and favorite little pot. My dear friend LaVonne sent it to me a few years back.
It is beautiful and is marked Germany on the bottom.  She gave it to me as it is decorated with Forget~ Me~ Nots, which has a special meaning for all of us Tasha Tudor fans.

I think it is hand painted, however, it is not signed. It is trimmed with gold and has a perfect little serving spoon with it .

I went on the hunt for others and actually, they are reasonably priced and small. None of my other pots are marked and some have lost their spoons along the way, but I like each one. Two are the same blank but decorated differently.

When I was looking for some information on the little pots, I found a lot of information on Colman's Mustard. Most of us probably have a box or tin in our spice cupboard.

There is actually a Colman's Mustard Museum in Norwich, England. Wouldn't that be fun to visit?

The mustards that we use on our meats and sandwiches developed from the dry form of mustard that was milled like flour from tiny mustard seeds.

I am not a yellow mustard fan, but I do enjoy German coarse mustards and many of the flavored specialty mustards. Are you a mustard fan?


mamasmercantile said...

What a wonderful collection. My eldest daughter lives in Norwich and often goes to the museum to buy mustard as gifts, they also have some wonderful pots. Hope all goes well tomorrow.

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

I love mustard and hear that it is the healthier choice of spreads. I truly enjoyed your beautiful mustard pots. I have never heard of these before. They are so very pretty. Thanks for sharing this with us today. Will be thinking of you on Saturday. Take care.

Denise said...

Thank You Linda for visiting My blog :) I'm always pleasantly surprised by Your delightful post's.Every time I drop by I am reminded just how much We have in common in Our interests.I don't know about mustard pots so thanks for the info. I would probably have mistaken one for something else,maybe for jam and jellies.I like dark brown mustards and I love horseradish sauce but I don't like yellow mustard very much. ox Denise

Susan said...

Those are so cute, Linda. I was unfamiliar with mustard pots. Nice collection! susan

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I really like this collection. Great mustard pots. Nice pics. Keep in touch

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I wouldn't have known they were mustard pots Linda, how nice they come in the shape of a teapot.
I like a grainy Dijon the best.

LaVonne said...

I had forgotten how pretty that one was! :-) They're all lovely, but I really like the forget-me-nots!

Bernideen said...

Those are all darling. I hope your husband does well at his show!