Monday, January 12, 2015

Downton Abbey~ Season 5

Ah, Monday....a new week in bleak January. I was able to have lunch with a friend on Thursday afternoon to just sit and chat and exchange our Christmas presents. One of her most generous gifts to me was this delightful book! A Year in the Life of Downton Abbey! She knows I adore the series and this book is lovely. It is filled with photos and recipes as you journey though a year at Downton. I know there is a place for digital books and all, but is there anything as wonderful as a real book in your hands? I love books. Thank you so much my friend for this gift.

Season 5 began last Sunday. I am hoping it will be better than season 4, which was not my favorite. As my hubby reminded me, even a bad season of Downton Abbey is something good to watch on TV.
I do agree. The sets and the costumes are amazing, even if the story line isn't my favorite. Who knows what's in store for the new season?

Of course we know that Edith and her little girl (still a secret from most of her family) will be an important story line.

It will be another very busy week, but I am trying to work my way back into blogging. I still haven't gotten a new laptop, but I am able to get creative with posting pictures so I can still blog. I am helping Jim get ready for our next antique show this weekend at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Washington state. It's a smaller show and a bit more fun than the others we do through out the year. I will have extra babysitting this week as he will be hauling merchandise on Thursday. We will finish pricing and packing today.

So I am planning to enjoy a cup of tea this afternoon when I take a break. It has been wet and chilly here in Oregon but no chance of freezing temps, snow or ice this week. That's a good thing with the upcoming show. Have a good week. 


mamasmercantile said...

What a lovely gift, there is nothing nicer than a book. Good luck with your show.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I have the same book Linda and am enjoying reading it. So far I'm finding season 5 exciting as we're left wanting more information at the end of each episode.

Debbie Harris said...

Such a lovely gift from your friend, dear Linda.
We do not have TV so I do not know of this show, but I have to say that if we did I believe I would watch this one. Looks interesting.

I hope your sale goes well for you and the weather is perfect for bringing out the buyers. :)

Sweet blessings to you!

Susan said...

Hi Linda...

Wish I could see Downton Abbey from the very beginning. Can you believe I haven't seen it?

Your gift of a book looks great. I agree with you that a book in hand is worth 10 online! Susan

Bernideen said...

I enjoyed my visit here to your creative blog!

Rose said...

I love, love Downton Abbey!