Thursday, November 13, 2014

November Snow on Tea Time Thursday #52!

Tea Time the snow???? In November???? In Oregon???? Unthinkable yet oh so pretty and a treat really. I know some of you must be laughing, but we don't get much snow here in Troutdale, so it is a novelty for this month. My charity quilting was cancelled and Jimmy didn't have to babysit Otto, as Angie works for the Centennial School District and the schools were closed. A bonus day for Jimmy and Linda! The reason school is cancelled here is that when we get ice, it's really dangerous with all the hills in this town. We did have ice before the snow and we may have more later in the afternoon.

I snapped this photo a few hours ago and it's been snowing ever since. The temperature dropped and the freezing rain became snow. It may shift back later. I put on a big pot of homemade soup and the woodstove is humming. It's a good thing that Jimmy got our snow tires on last Monday.

I wanted to share my fall card and tea exchange that I joined in. I belong to the very fun ATAA group, which stands for Afternoon Tea Across America. I have been a member for almost a year now. LaDonna does just a fantastic job as moderator and organizes these card exchanges. I LOVE going to the mailbox and finding treasures for days. We send along tea and some little tuck ins. It is amazing how creative these ladies are with little goodies. I can't bear to part with my cards, so as I have shared before, I like to keep them in albums. I just like to look at them sometimes.

These were the cards I chose for the autumn exchange this time. I love to find artists on Etsy or Ebay. It is nice to support small business whenever I can. I put my tea and a goodie inside the little treat sacks that I also found on Etsy.

Thank you to all the ladies that participated in the exchange again. Our Christmas group is so large that we will only be sending cards...38 people signed up! How fun is that?

The other nice thing about these exchanges is all the different teas you get to try. I think it's time for a cuppa as I watch the snow fall, just a bit longer. 


Stephanie said...

Beautiful snow, dear Linda. We have been getting snow yesterday and today. It's supposed to snow all day tomorrow and Saturday - yippee :)

Your exchanges sound wonderful and such lovely ways to meet sweet friends.

Love to you!

mamasmercantile said...

Stay warm and safe in all that snow. The cards look a real delight and a lovely way to keep them, such a wonderful way to try new teas.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

I've been having some enjoyable afternoon teas while trying the various ones I received too.
My Christmas cards are all made, just have to sign them and write up the envelopes.

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

The weather all across the nation is out of wack isn't it? Our North Texas weather is cold as well with snow flurries predicted for the weekend.
Your snow is beautiful:) Such a lovely way to keep in touch with people through cards and exchange of teas.
Glad you are doing well, stay warm!

Susan said...

Hi Linda. Snow here in western Massachusetts, too. Yup. About two inches. And the temps are ch-ch-ch-chilly.

Your cards look like so much fun. Susan