Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Getting ready for Thanksgiving

It's almost Thanksgiving and I always get a little sad to say goodbye to autumn. We are going to take the kids to The Black Rabbit at Edgefiled this year. It's a sentimental place for our family and we are looking forward to it. Eric and Gina will be coming from Seattle.

Tomorrow is grandma's day with little Otto. I haven't seen him for awhile and I am looking forward to playing with the little guy. He's really at a fun stage right now.

Today I finished all my Tasha Tudor exchange gifts for St Nicholas Day~December 6th. I was in charge of it this year and it really was fun. I will post pictures after the 6th. Jimmy was very sweet and took all of my packages to the Post Office for me.

It's time for this old grandma to get some sleep! Otto will be waiting for me!


Jane said...

I am getting a new stove tomorrow! Just in time to bake that Thanksgiving turkey. I will probably be sending out my exchange gift this weekend. I have been sidetracked by LaVonne's Hitty clothes. :)

Stephanie said...

Oh my, just look at your sweetie pie - he is adorable with all of that blonde hair :)

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friend. I am SOOO thankful for you. Love you!

Rose said...

Happy Thanksgiving!