Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy New Year! 2014, you have a long ways to go to equal 2013, but I have high hopes you can do it! We were invited over to the Wirth's home for a little party and yummy food for New Year's evening. Oh Angie and Chris, you really spoil us. We enjoyed all the food and the company. Thanks so very much.

Jimmy and I picked up my dad as the Wirth's wanted him to join the fun. Papa had never been to  their house, so this was a big event. Three generations here....Otto is charming his great grandfather!

Grandpa was ready for, food, grandkids! Don't forget the party hats.

Otto was fascinated with the silver garland that was sprinkled around the room.

Who could this be???? One funny daddy with his two little ones. You never know what Chris will be doing for that perfect pose!

Grandpa to the rescue! Little Otto gets so hot sometimes. He is a summer baby for sure.

Even the dollies had to celebrate! They were ready for the party with party foods and drinks!

I wanted to take a minute and look back to our Seattle visit before I say good bye to 2013. On Christmas Eve, we packed up the sleigh, I mean trunk, and headed north. The weather was foggy, but the traffic wasn't too bad for traveling. It was so exciting to go away for Christmas and we were excited to be together for the special day.

 We arrived at Eric and Gina's around 3 pm and got all unpacked. We went to a neat restaurant BLUE WATERS for a very yummy dinner.
Then we went back to their lovely home and opened our stockings. What fun we all had together. One little problem, Jimmy forgot some of the stocking stuffers! OH NO!!! Gina called Ang and she said they could stop by the house and bring them up on Christmas Day.
They had a lovely white tree and everything was just so magical.

This is the little plaque that Jimmy found at the Christmas House that was just so perfect for our family! He put it on their mantel when we went off to bed. Perfect!

The Wirth family arrived on Christmas day with goodies galore! Isn't this cute.

Our great SIL's! We just love these men and they have brought us great JOY! They make our world better!

Grandpa Jimmy is always waiting to feed baby Otto. It's something he really enjoys.

Gina had her Samantha doll all set up in her room and was waiting to share the doll with Ava. This is the doll that was missing for quite a few years. Ava was hoping that she would get Saige for her special Christmas gift.

We let Ava open one present before dinner and look what she got! Saige...the American Girl Doll.

Gina had to get her Samantha out so the two dolls could be properly introduced! Can you just imagine the joy in that room? Sheer delight!

Grandma Kathy came up on the train to Seattle. She enjoyed the ride. Everyone's car was so packed that no one had room for her! She is such a good sport about everything.

Adorable, adorable, adorable......Auntie Gina and baby Otto!

Dinner time! My mom's Noritake china graced Gina's lovely table.

Uncle Eric and the funny bunny! He looks like Santa's little helper, doesn't he?

I also received an American Girl Doll...Rebecca. Here's Otto looking very annoyed having to pose with the "girls".

Having some fun while we wait for the pizza delivery! Looks like mommy has it covered!

The next day, we all went to a great antique store. Can you believe this huge Steiff giraffe? I guess it was used for a store display.

Annabelle got a new little red dresser.

Oh would I just love this cabinet!

Can you believe this little house? A take off on the Wizard of Oz....can you see the witches legs under the house?

Daddy and Ava by the stuffed grizzly bear. Then Jimmy had to get into the act too. I guess we could call Otto Gentle Ben!

Off for some lunch. Oh boy, yummy handburgers for all. So good.

We went home on Friday and the Wirth's stayed for another day to do some sightseeing. Here's the "girls" having a bit of lunch. Saige* Rebecca* Samantha! It was a magical Christmas to end a magical year.


mullmom said...

Oh, I enjoyed your Christmas pictures so much. They make me HAPPY. Where was Samantha finally found?

Susan said...

Hi Linda...That was such a delightful post. Lots of fun times and memories!

The baby is the most adorable little fellow. I'm sure he fills all your hearts with love.

Now, I'm not sure who Gina is....another grandchild?

Hope the new year brings more heart-warming times to you and your sweet family. Susan

Denise said...

Oh Linda! I enjoyed this post.So much fun You had.I love the Photo of Grandpa and Otto looking at the camera.You three got American dolls-what fun and Christmas JOY.Blessings, Denise

Denise said...

Oh Yes My daughter ,now 32 got Samantha from Santa when She was 8.I was surprised to see Her on Your post.She must have been found on the internet.Samantha was always one of My faves and My Youngest looked like Her.

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Thank you Linda, for taking us along on your wonderful Christmas journey! I just love all the photos - so cute - so much love, and such a fun loving family, too! Love the New Year's table and the funny photos of the dolls and the children. How wonderful that Grandpa and Grandma also enjoyed the little ones. Seeing the little girls with the dolls brings back memories of my girls at Christmas. And best of all, little Otto stole the hearts of everyone. Hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you and your family. Hugs xo Karen

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Happy New Year. Nice and funny family photos. I really like American dolls .. Keep in touch