Friday, January 24, 2014

Another Interesting Dolly

I met my good friend Sha last week for lunch...finally! We have been trying to get together since before Christmas. We met at Edgefield and just had a nice time catching up. Sha is such an interesting person and very talented. She weaves and knits and is so talented in the fiber arts world. She always finds such fun gifts for me. This is an interesting little doll made by Cindy Stinson-Chennell who is a paper cutting artist here in Oregon. Her work is beautiful. I think she has fun making these little "Wine Country Spirit Dolls" using wine corks and recycled bits and pieces. Pretty fun!

Sha knows I love dolls and she said she had a hard time picking one out for me.  Thanks Sha...such a fun addition for my collection.

I've been working all week cleaning and getting things taken care of before LaVonne arrives for a visit. She comes in tomorrow, but will spend the first part of her visit with her daughter who lives here in OR now. We have all kinds of fun lined up for next week. I cannot wait!


Bernideen said...

oops. You have my old blog address under your blog list which is why it is showing that old post. You need to go in and edit it to

Denise said...

As always sounds like Your in for more good times.Wonderful,it's so good for Us.Love looking at all Your pretty goodies and gifts that have been given.You have wonderful friends :) Yes I will E-mail You With My address.All mail has been slow due to weather-even QVC ; ) Denise

Susan said...

I have to say, Linda, that is a very unique doll, for sure! So glad you are going to have fun with your friend. Snap, snap, snap those photos for us! Susan

Marta said...

Hello from Spain, your new doll is very cool. Great present. Keep in touch