Thursday, December 12, 2013

December 12~Tea Time Thursday #29

Happy Tea Time Thursday! I thought it would be fun to share some of the tea time ornaments I have on both of my Christmas trees today. This first one is one of my favorties. It's a Hallmark ornament that I have had for years. We had a Hallmark pharmacy years ago and Jim and the girls and I would always pick one out a year.

This is my newest ornament. It was given to me by my grandchildren, Ava and Otto. It's a Steinbach made in Germany. We have several, but they are all men. This looks like a grandma to me! I love it.

My daughter Angie gave me this little Spode teapot ornament a few years ago. It looks just like my real Spode Christmas Tree teapot. There is also a creamer and sugar in this set of ornaments.

This is a blown glass one that really reflect the light. I really don't remember when I got this one.

The tree in my tea room has all glass ornaments. I got this sweet teapot with my friend Lynda years ago when we went to tea. We were just talking about them yesterday.

This is a small little teapot that was mine when I was little. I'm surprised it has survived all these years.

This one was a gift from my friend Nancy.  Lots of fun ornaments. Do you collect any special ornaments? Is your tree up yet?


Sylvia said...

Oh what cute teapot ornaments!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Figures tea to decorate the tree are very nice and original. In my Christmas tree balls but I have Christmas cups. Keep in touch

Denise said...

I haven' done a teapot tree in a couple of years,maybe next year.I try to mix it up a bit and change My theme but I do like My teapot theme the best.One Of My all time favorite sites to see are teapot houses I LOVE Your's.It would be fun to do a post just on Our collectible teapot houses,don't You think?God Bless Denise

Lady Jane said...

I love your collection of tea ornaments. Such a neat idea.

Susan said...

Oh Linda, darling tree decor! Had to chuckle. Be SURE to check out my blog today (Saturday). You will get a chuckle. Great minds think alike! Susan