Saturday, March 30, 2013

SUNSHINE and Chicks

 I woke up this morning to SUNSHINE! In fact, the sun actually was shining in my eyes and woke me up! Glorious sunshine announcing SPRING and it's beautiful flowers and trees budding and everything coming back to life! Who knows how long we will get to enjoy this weather but who cares! Enjoy it now and get outside, heh? It's supposed to be 73.

So I decided to roam around my little house this morning and find all the various chicks hiding here and there! Easter will soon be over and I can now take better pix so I am trying out the new camera! Of course, I haven't figured out how it all works, but it is an improvement! At least I can edit my photos again, so that really helps.

I received a package yesterday from a dear Tasha friend in way far away in friend Mary.
She has fabulous collections of EVERYTHING for the holidays. She sent me this adorable Dept 56 chick! It has a finish on it like the Snow Babies and it's little head is a bobble head. SO CUTE! Thank you Mary.

Here's a few chicks that live in the front room. They just all make me smile, especially on a sunny day!
The are made of different materials, paper, cardboard, wood, and metal.....ready to make you smile too!

I don't have too many things in my tiny kitchen but I do like this little candle chick. Of course, I could never burn it!

I have a shelf of demitasse cup and saucers on the wall and this little plastic chick may have just popped out of that little egg!

I adore vintage postcards...Mary sent this one along with the  chick. The little chickie tag was on a basket that I will share in another post. It's pretty charming with it's fluffy tail!

A solar dancing chick? Oh my. My friend Nancy is like a kid with these things.She finds them at the $ store and gives them to me all the time. This on is really cute.

I hope you have sunshine where you live today! Enjoy....have some fun....get outside!


Susan said...

Peep peep, peep peep. Your chickie collection is so darned cute, Linda.

Hope you have a splendid Easter. Susan

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your collection of sweet chicks brought a smile to my face! Have a wonderful Easter!
hugs, Linda