Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Gratitude-Another Tasha Tudor Friend's Gift

Anyone who meets me will quickly discover that I am a Tasha Tudor fan. Tasha was a children's illustrator who had a long career and lived quite a simple and special life.

This year my Tasha exchange name was my good friend Suzanne who lives back in MA! Our theme was Chickahominy who actually was Tasha's favorite rooster.
She sent me the most interesting framed rooster print. It's done on an old dictionary page. She included a set of 4
magnets too.

She also sent me a pink luster teacup with chocolates ! I am still in shock and so thankful for a friend who would gift me with such a special treat. I called her to thank her and oh it was so nice to hear her voice! Thank you again for my Tasha teacup! Thank you for your friendship!

And Miss Annabelle also got a package from Miss Annabelle of MA .

We started this Easter exchange years ago on our Take Peace group with an ornament exchange and most of us had an Easter tree. It was so fun but too much work to send so many. Now we just do a one on one exchange and this year my dear friend LaVonne set it up.

I found a new tree and a box of Easter ornaments at an Estate sale last week for $5. I set it up in my tea room this year and it's lovely. I like to look at it and think of all my Tasha friends with warm thought and a grateful heart for friendship.

Here's some pictures- I'm still having use my phone to post pictures and I can't edit them as well, so please excuse the not so perfect photos!

Wishing my Christian friends a very thoughtful Holy Week.

I'm joining Mary at Redo 101 who is continuing our weekly gratitude posts after Linda at A La Carte has ended Gratitude Sunday. Thank you Linda for beginning this nice habit!


Denise said...

Hi Linda! How much fun for you belonging to this group of women.I wish I could belong.Beautiful Easter decor. Linda. Wishing you and your family a joyful Easter. Hugs Denise

Lady Jane said...

I love all your items as I just love Tasha Tudor. I always think of her during holidays. Love the Eifel tower bottle. It will look great with flowers.

GardenofDaisies said...

What a beautiful and dthoughtful gift from your Tasha Tudor exchange partner! And I LOVE your Easter tree, too. We were snowed in this morning and could not make it to the Palm Sunday service. I hope we have a bit more spring like weather by next week.

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I love the framed rooster print! What a nice gift, not to mention the other things that she included!
I'm not surprised at all that people want to send you special things!
Hope your weekend was a great one Linda Lou,
Erica :)

Micupoftea~ said...

Hello Linda~ What a fun exchange. I'm not familiar with T.Tudor artwork, though I'm sure I must have seen some sometime. Festive Easter tree. How whimsical! I like the framed rooster print, too. Thanks for your good wishes; I had no idea sciatica could be so debilitating...I could not walk for 10 days, now I am limping along and doing exercises to get better.

Karen Frost said...

What wonderful friends you have, Linda and the tea cup and framed rooster print are so sweet. Oh, I love Tasha Tudor and have some of her sweet books including 'The Night Before Christmas' that my Dear Mother bought for my children when they were very small. I also have a lovely cookbook illustrated by her. Your Easter tree is so darling. Have a lovely week. xoxo

Suzanne said...

It was so nice to hear your voice, we'll have to chat more often! I am so glad you loved everything--you certainly are deserving of everything. You have got to be thee most thoughtful person I know!

Anonymous said...

I'd never heard of Tasha Tudor but what a delight, I'll have to look up more information. Love the idea of your swap, your gifts are really lovely (love the roosters on the dictionary page, great idea!). Thanks for linking to my party, I'm glad to get to know you. Hugs ~ Mary

Stephanie said...

Look at that beautiful tea cup - the handle is just delightful :) I also love the framed rooster print. How cute and creative!

I hope you have a blessed Monday.


La Tea Dah said...

What wonderful gifts! I love that rooster print! And your Easter tree --- and just everything in this post. It is so warm and inviting! Happy Easter to you as well!

Anonymous said...
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Linda @ A La Carte said...

Linda I am so glad you joined Mary in the weekly Gratitude party. I am so happy to have it continue in blogland! I know a little about Tasha Tudor but hope to learn more. What sweet exchanges with your friends. Wishing you a Joyous Week!