Monday, March 18, 2013

My FANTASTIC Spoolie Easter Exchange!

I had time this morning to open the most wonderful package sent to me by Erica of Golden Egg Vintage. She and I were partnered up for the spoolie Easter exchange where we were challenged to make a cute Easter creation using a wooden spool! Erica is amazing and so creative. Look at this adorable spoolie she made for me!

Lots of detail and bright colors. Love the little chick and bird ! It just make me smile.

The box was filled with LOTS of goodies and I am so excited about my box of goodies. Erica and I had never even chatted before this exchange and I just love her! She is so full of life and was easy to get to know, easy to exchange fun emails. Look at this creation! It is one of my favorite treats, as I love egg boxes. She decorated this one and it is so pretty and will live in my tea room. My Tasha Tudor group had a Chickahominy exchange this spring. Chickahominy was the name of her favorite rooster, so I was just thrilled to see a rooster decorating this pretty egg!

The box alone is just wonderful but when I opened it, I found a darling rabbit sitting on a vintage block...note the R for Rabbit! How clever is that? Can you see the Mary Englebriet paper dolls in the background? CUTE.

This little rabbit is sitting in a basket with other little treats all wrapped up in cellophane, so it's a little blurry. So sweet....

Something was wrapped up in a lovely vintage handy with lilly of the valley flowers on it. It's really soft and silky. I wondered what could be inside of this surprise? Another little basket with more sweet spring time items.

There was a large package wrapped in blue tissue with charming little wooden ornaments tied on it.
I was just happy happy happy and amazed at Erica's generousity.

We had discovered that we both like Frozen Charlottes and look what she gave me!

A blue basket was inside the tissue and it was filled with lots of Easter treats! Candy, napkins, tags, vintage flowers, buttons, and the cutest matchbox covered with sweet paper and inside Erica had tucked little sticker in for me! LOVE. She even gave me tea. I'm telling you, she has such a gift for giving and learning what her exchange friend would really enjoy. Not everyone can do that. She took the time to learn what I liked and then put together just the PERFECT gift for Linda Lou!!!!

What would Easter be without a vintage bunny book to enjoy?
I'm sure I missed sharing some other items with you, but I am overwhelmed!  I tried to put everything together to give you a sense of  the collection!  THANK YOU SO MUCH ERICA! You certainly spoiled me rotten!

Erica did a lovely blog post on her blog about the goodies I sent her. She is a mid century fan, like my daughters,  so it was quite fun for me to send her treats too. Here is a picture of the spoolie I made for her! It was so much fun and this was one of the best exchanges I have ever participated in!

Pop over and visit Erica. She has a fun blog and has a fun Market Monday thing going.


Jill said...

Beautiful, what else is there to say!

GardenofDaisies said...

Linda, you received such amazingly wonderful swap goodies from your partner. And I love the cute spoolie you made for her, too. But the best part was hearing the way both of you gals made the effort to get to know one another. The beginnings of a lovely friendship.

Karen said...

What a lovely and generous gift exchange! So many sweet little goodies and so adorably put together! Thanks for sharing - I will pop over and visit Erica's blog. What a fun idea! xx

Chenille Cottage said...

How wonderful...What precious and creative treasures. I am so delighted with the many spoolies that are appearing across blogland. Both yours and Erica's are so magical!
I am on the homestretch with my Easter Swap Package for Joyce. Just a few more finishing touches before it sprouts wings and flies to Pennsylvania.
Thanks so much for sharing!
Bunny hugzzzz,
Carolynn xoxo

Linda said...

Everything is so cute. You deserve to be spoiled.

Jemma said...

So sweet, cheerful, happy and thoughtful!!

Susan said...

Oh my GOSH, Linda. That was a most delightful gift to get in the mail! Wowsers. Your house now has lots of new treasures. Congratulations! Susan

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I'm SO LUCKY that we were chosen as partners! All the "stuff" aside, the best thing has been getting to know you!
Thank you Miss Linda Lou!
Erica :)

Kathryn Ross said...

Wow, Linda! What a generous basket of goodies to enjoy!! I daresay my little contribution to your Easter surprises pales in significance, but do be on the lookout for the Easter Tag I promised you! Though our swap group is closed - keeping it to ten - I am happy to send along a little extra goodie to you when we decide to do things . . . just because! Be ye blessed - mailed it Monday of this week!

Micupoftea~ said...

Wow....looks like you were spoiled rotten! haha! Enjoy all your festive goodies :)