Sunday, February 19, 2012

President's Day Weekend

It's President's Day Weekend...a three day weekend for many working folks. Now that Jim and I are retired and loving it, these holidays seem a bit different. I'm having a cup of coffee this quiet morning, catching up on some blogs and checking out some new blogs. Old Abe and George could never have imagined the world we live in not!
I was thinking about these two presidents and how we used to study them when I was little. I have always loved history and I guess I have nostalgic memories of grade school. Making black cut out silhouettes always pops into my mind! Did you make those when you were young? While we learned funny little facts about these men, we also gained a respect for the presidency. Watching primaries and hearing the latest scandal about JKF, it's really quite sad how things have changed in the political arena.
I don't want to get political here, but I wish a candidate could come from a grass root level, like Lincoln, and have a chance to become president. That's just never going to happen now. Seems you have to sell your soul and be backed by huge amounts of money to become president. That makes me sad for the good old USA.
So, on to a cheerier note, I have had a fun weekend. Jim and I went to a few estate sales...more inventory for Jim's March antique show and my Etsy shoppe! We went to a wonderful doll show yesterday (will blog more on that later) and tonight we're going to our daughter's house for an belated birthday dinner for Jimmy. Tomorrow, I'm going to help my friend Judi work on a quilt for a new grandbaby one the way. She's never quilted, so this will be a new adventure for her.
I need to bake a cake this morning for the birthday boy!

What are you doing this long weekend?


Denise said...

I have the same school memories and I also enjoy history too.Back then in Grammar school my favorite subject was social studies.I loved learning about other cultures.Now President's day-both Mondays maybe three,mean babysitting several Grandchildren because not one of my daughters get it off.Hugs to you Denise

Linda said...

I love both of these presidents and have enjoyed reading about history esp. early American history since I became an adult with time of my hands. I'm spending the weekend reading. I have several books from the library that all came at once. As soon as I finish the current one I'm reading the Oxford Chronicle which includes 3 books. Enjoy your weekend. Linda

Susan said...

Hi Linda....Agree with you entirely regarding "rich" Presidents. I'd like to see an Abraham get in there, too.

Sounds like you are having a nice weekend.

As for me, it's been super. Went to a gem lecture on gold (even though it's a minearl)---I LOVE lectures.

Went to a rabbit rally----an organization that helps people who are serious about "adopting" a rabbit. That was fun.

Also went to my daughter's house to visit her. Fun, fun, fun.

Take care. Susan

romance-of-roses said...

This is so true, things have changed so much. Since we are also retired, we had a quiet weekend also and you know what? it feels good. One of our neighbors is have a huge party, we can hear folks screaming and they are having a barbecue but we are in here nice and warm and quiet. Hugs...Lu