Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Lovely Doll Maker

Last week when I was at the doll show, I met a lovely local doll maker-Aleta Breese. I had purchased some special ribbon at an antique mall and I didn't know it was her space. She had all the spring colors at the doll show and I had to buy some in anticipation of Easter projects...don't they look like Easter Egg colors?
Here is a picture of her sweet and feminine, light and cherry. She was so kind to share about her dolls and bunnies. Of course I fell in love with them. I guess I'll have to save up for another special doll! All these talented doll makers...I am fascinated by them all.

Don't you adore her special bunny....Miss Amelia Ruffleflounce. I have borrowed her pictures from her lovely blog.... Please visit her to see her other bunny and her doll. I think I'm longing for spring.

I was out shopping with my husband yesterday and when I we came home, I slammed the car door on my hand. It sure hurt and today my finger is a purple sausage with cuts and bruises. I'm afraid I'm a bit slow today. I am thankful that nothing is broken.


romance-of-roses said...

Love those dolls, wish I could of seen them in person but will go visit her blog, thanks for the link. Yes, those ribbons have the spring look alright. Oh dear, hope you feel better of your hand, Ouch! Hugs...Lu

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Debbie said...

love the dolls too!

Susan said...

Oh Linda, I'm so SORRY abouto your hand. Oh, that was terrible news.

I did LOVE Miss Amelia Ruffleflounce. She's the pizazz, right down to her stockinged "feet." Darling.

Did you take lots of photos at the doll show? I'd love to see ALL of them. Dolls make my heart beat faster! LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

Susan p.s. Ice your hand, poor dear.

Lady Linda said...

Thanks hand is slowly getting better...still have to be careful. It's fun enjoying the dolls with a fellow doll lover.
Hope you are having a nice weekend.