Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Bye BUSY February

The day, the EXTRA day, is almost over! As I look back over this month, boy it was busy and it was filled with lots of fun and good times.

I was out late tonight helping my friend Judi with her baby quilt. We are making good progress and had such a good time. She spoils me with yummy things to eat. It's been good to reconnect and good to teach. She's doing so well, I'm very impressed. Working with Minkee is really difficult and she's being so patient. Here she is sewing away, looking very serious. Don't you love her naturally curly hair!

She got one row of the center done tonight...all squared up and looking good! I'm so proud of her.

I finally got my Valentine Exchange cards into my book. The book is so full that next year I need to get a new album. It's really fun to have them all together.

My friend Suzanne made the one on the outside. I love the sparkle jewels in the center. It's pretty dimensional, so I put it on the outside to enjoy.

Miss Annabelle bought a new blanet box for her the other dolls. She decided to store her Valentines in her new treasure.

Here's a picture of my dad singing his heart out at his choir concert Sunday evening. They sang 16 song! He really enjoys it. He's the man sitting down in the front row. He's so funny and just loves being in the choir. They are going on the road later this week to sing at two other retirement homes.

Well, I think it is time for bed. Mixed rain and snow again! It's been a busy day indeed. The fire is nice!

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Storybook Woods said...

How sweet to see your father singing. I loved see all the Valentines. Everyone is so creative and talented. Thank you for sharing xox Clarice