Thursday, July 14, 2011

Teacup Thursday #17

After a several busy weeks preparing, running, and then taking down after the Expo Antique and Collectible show, I'm just returning to normal and feel like I can spend a bit of time posting for Miss Spenser's Teacup Thursday. It's hard to believe that this is my 17th posting! Last week I had no time to read other's entries, so I will take the time this morning to look at the sweet teacups and leave some comments.
I spied this beautiful teacup by Grafton in my neighbor's booth the first day of the show. Pink and dainty and I really wanted it. This was Kelly's first show and she was just delightful. She did well and of course our entire family fell in love with her little boy...a future antiquer in training! She graciously suggested a "swap" for the teacup~thanks again Kelly. I hope we can continue our new friendship.
The cup and saucer was made by Grafton in England and the marking is 1935+. It's such a wonderful pink and dainty flowers. I have been thinking a lot about Tasha Tudor this week so the cup is posed with one of my Chinahead dolls and a favorite book A is for Annabelle. Next month is Tasha Tudor Day to celebrate her birthday in rememberance, so I've been thinking ahead. All the pink just went together.
Jim bought this beautiful curio cabinet for me at the show-an early anniversary present. I've been looking for a piece of furniture that I could use as a doll house and as soon as I spotted the cabinet, I knew it was perfect. I'm going to do a blog on it later to showcase it better. I had so much fun cleaning it and moving the dolls in. I stayed up until 1 AM...silly me!
The last photo is of our family in our booth at the show. I just love it. We were having a grand time that afternoon.
Thanks again Kelly for the teacup. Keep in touch!


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Linda,
What a wonderful time you had and your family photo is lovely. Love the delicate pink teacup! Anything pink is a delight to me! The cabinet will make a darling doll house and I can't wait to see it! Thanks for sharing and taking time to stop by for Tea Time. Have a delightful weekend.


Antiques And Teacups said...

Antique shows are so fun...whether to search or just browse. Fun for your family and love your new teacup!

Bernideen said...

What a fun post and so enjoyed the photos!