Friday, July 29, 2011

Christmas in July or Ebay Saves the Day!

I have collected the Hallmark Keepsake House Ornaments for years-it's the only one I collect. We used to have a Hallmark Pharmacy years ago, so that started me on this series. I usually buy it in December with birthday money or someone in the family gives it to me. Well, this past December, Jim told me not to buy it for myself, so I figured he was going to give it to me as a gift. My birthday passed and no ornament. I guess I thought it must be a Christmas gift, so I didn't pick one up. After opening all my presents, I noticed there was no Hallmark ornament! YIKES!
I finally said something and he had to confess that he had forgotten to get one. I couldn't find one after Christmas and just forgot about it. Last week Jim was looking up some ornaments he picked up at an estate sale and stumbled across the 2010 House Ornament. So, we sent for it and it came today! I also found the little set they put out one year-accessories- that I had never gotten. The picture is a bit blurry, but you can see it's the Colonial House and my collection is complete!

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LaVonne said...

Ok, Linda....another similarity. I didn't know you collected those. They were started the year I was pregnant with Juliana. Since she was born on Jan. 4, this became her collector series! She has them all too!
I have more Hallmark ornaments than I care to talk about! I should be ashamed, but I worked in the local hardware store that carried Hallmark. I got a lot of them 1/2 price!